A home that will become the hub for connecting the North Alabama region

Singing River Trail is now calling Mooresville home base thanks to a generous Limestone County family. The McCrary family, owners of 1818 Farms in Mooresville, is providing Singing River Trail a charming home and six acres of land to serve as the new Singing River Trail headquarters located at 4865 Arrowhead Landing Road, Mooresville, AL 35649.

This new location will allow Singing River Trail to more effectively fulfill its mission to connect the North Alabama region and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors to North Alabama.

“Located in the center of North Alabama, the Mooresville home is a perfect fit for Singing River Trail. This will be a place for everyone, a place where the community can come together and experience what makes our region special,” said John Kvach, Singing River Trail Executive Director. “We are grateful for the McCrary’s support to our organization. This partnership proves that when for-profits, non-profits, and municipalities all work together, it makes our region better.”

The Singing River Trail is a Native American Heritage Trail dedicated to the memory of the Tennessee River, also known as the Singing River. Singing River Trail is committed to creating opportunities that connect communities through economic development, outdoor recreation, tourism, and active transportation.

(Joel Hunt/Contributed)

The new headquarters will be a core that connects the 200+ miles of greenway, strengthening regional bonds and promoting health and wellness.

“Connecting the incredible towns and cities in the Tennessee Valley through the Singing River Trail in Mooresville feels like a full circle moment for my family and me. Growing up in Florence and now raising a family and our business, 1818 Farms, in Mooresville, I know firsthand the importance of creating development opportunities that match the heart and soul of this region,” shares Natasha McCrary, owner, and founder of 1818 Farms.

“We proudly support and sponsor the Singing River Trail headquarters relocation to Mooresville, knowing their vision and values will help connect all of the Tennessee Valley’s wonderful assets. Collaborations like this will not only benefit the Singing River Trail but could be a model for future economic development in this state and throughout the southeast.”

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[About Singing River Trail] In 2018, the Land Use Committee of Launch 2035, formed of representatives from federal, state, county, municipal, and private agencies, developed the Singing River Trail Master Plan over the course of a 15-month period. Singing River Trail is a 200+ mile greenway system that strengthens regional bonds and creates new health and wellness, educational, economic, tourism, and entrepreneurial opportunities for the people and communities of North Alabama.