Attend an Eagle Awareness Weekend at Lake Guntersville State Park

As the sun begins to set over Lake Guntersville, a bald eagle bullet dives into the water, emerging with a wriggling fish. It heads back towards the ridge, where a nest awaits with a mate overseeing a couple of chicks. On a dock astride the lake, a group watches as the eagles fly in for dinner time. There is something exhilarating about a white head and tail feathers flying overhead. Watching it fish for its young against the orange and red sunset transforms it to mythical status. 

By |January 17, 2023|

Hunting in Alabama’s Black Belt Region

The state of Alabama offers an array of outdoor adventures and opportunities to make memories that will last a lifetime. At the top of the list for most of those outdoor enthusiasts is hunting. Hunting in the state of Alabama isn’t just a hobby, but a way of life—a tradition passed down from generation to generation. On any given day, you could walk out into the Alabama wilderness and hunt a variety of species. 

By |December 5, 2022|

All-electric Ford Lightning is the future of Alabama hunting

Deer season is upon us and with 1.3 million acres of public hunting land, Alabama’s diverse terrain provides an ideal destination for travelers and locals to land the buck they’ve been waiting for all year. Everyone knows hunting is a quiet game until it’s time to pull the trigger. [...]

By |November 13, 2022|

Visit Cheaha Mountain, the highest point in Alabama

Rising above the clouds, it earned the name, “Island in the Sky.” The Creek Nation labeled it “Chaha,” meaning “high place” in the Muskogee language. At 2,407 feet above sea level, Cheaha State Park towers over the rest of the state as its highest point. Located in the town of Delta in North Alabama, this oasis stretches wide across the horizon in the midst of 2,799 acres of state park, plus the surrounding 392,567 acres of the Talladega National Forest, which in turn encompasses more than 7,000 acres of the Cheaha Wilderness. It affords a rare luxury in these crowded times—miles of vista oblivious to human touch.

By |November 5, 2022|

Experience the great outdoors at The University of Alabama

There’s no mistaking that “Alabama the Beautiful” got its appropriately named reputation from of its many different geographic regions. While the state is primed with world-class interior architecture, charming “mom and pop” shops and all the comforts of Southern hospitality, one would be devoid of the quintessential Alabama experience [...]

By |October 30, 2022|

Wetumpka Wildlife Arts Festival Artist Highlight: Wildrose International

Owners of the well-respected and incomparable Wildrose International, it’s hard to imagine how Mike and Cathy Stewart find time to sleep at night. Kennels, trainings, events and seminars, videos, a trading company and collaborations with partners like Purina, Ducks Unlimited and Orvis prove the couple’s commitment to their craft [...]

By |October 29, 2022|
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