Why Sylacauga marble is known around the world

If you’ve ever visited the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. and stared up at the translucent marble ceiling, you’ve witnessed a piece of Alabama history. The ceiling is made of white marble mined in Talladega County’s Sylacauga (appropriately known as the Marble City). 

By |May 14, 2021|

How to spend a dog-friendly day in Huntsville

Plenty of people (myself included!) got pandemic pups in 2020, and now they're attached to us just as much as we are to them. For those who like to take their dog everywhere (guilty), it isn't always easy to find places that are dog-friendly. But luckily, some places and some cities are more furry-friend friendly, and Huntsville is one of those. Here's how to spend a dog-friendly day in Huntsville (as shown by Louie G. the Frenchie).

By |April 19, 2021|
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