A Man About Town: Ask Randall Summer Edition

(Randall Porter/Contributed) What is your favorite summer dish?  Hey Doll, Chef Lindsey Noto of Sysco Central Alabama and bestie of mine have shared the best summer salad recipe. It has become a favorite of mine. This recipe is an ode to the Southern summer cookout with her [...]

By |July 25, 2023|

A Man About Town: Summer Skincare Essentials

June is Men’s Health Month, and we are taking it as an opportunity to break the stigma surrounding men’s skincare with the help of Dear Sunday Skincare, a revolutionary skincare brand that aims to infuse the essence of "Self Care Sunday" into everyday routines. Dear Sunday Skincare has a [...]

By |June 6, 2023|

Baggy Pants Golf: The Alabama-based brand changing the game

We sat down with Dylan Rizzo, owner of the golf-inspired clothing brand Baggy Pants Golf, for a deep dive into the emerging Birmingham-based brand gaining national recognition across platforms. (Baggy Pants Golf/Contributed) SoulGrown: We want to know, if you have it, what the specific moment was when [...]

By |June 5, 2023|
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