Visit BDA Farm for a fall festival, farm tours, and more

Bois d’Arc Farm in Perry County will celebrate food, family, and fun with a fall festival on October 9, part of a larger effort to expose more people to the organic farm that applies old-school principles to modern agriculture. Better known as BDA, the organically-raised vegetables, pastured meats, and free-range eggs the farm produces have built a loyal following among customers at Birmingham’s Pepper Place farmers market and the city’s most-lauded chefs including Frank Stitt (Bottega, Chez Fonfon, Highlands), Chris Hastings (Hot and Hot, OvenBird), Rob McDaniel (Helen), and Chris Newsome (Ollie Irene.)

By |October 4, 2021|

Explore Alabama’s Civil Rights Trail in Selma

In the 1950s and 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement changed the course of history in America forever. Many of the places that created the environment for such monumental change are right here in our own backyard. Alabama’s role in the Civil Rights Movement is undeniable. All across the state, our cities and towns became the backdrop for sit-ins, marches, demonstrations, and protests that opened the world’s eyes to the inequality, injustice, and bigotry prevalent throughout our country. Nearly 70 years later, the sacrifices many Americans made to advance the cause for equality are more important than ever. And now more than ever, it’s important to reflect on that history. 

By |October 3, 2021|

How to spend a day in the mountain town of Mentone, Alabama

If you thought you'd have to leave Alabama to get a cozy mountain town experience, think again. Nestled in the woodlands of Lookout Mountain, Mentone is our state’s highest city—and also one of the most fun to visit. Its location in the northeast corner of the state, teetering near the Georgia state line, renders it a gateway to the Appalachians. But it’s also the gateway to years of history and culture built by the mountain people who call it home. With gorgeous natural surroundings to explore—on foot, skis, or horseback—plus plenty of colorful shops and restaurants, Mentone is ideal for a refreshing retreat. Here’s our guide to spending a day in Mentone. 

By |September 25, 2021|

Feed Your Adventure: Flavors of the Black Belt

Alabama’s prosperous Black Belt has taken note of the wise words and utilized the regions’ local treasures to produce some of the state’s most delicious flavors from sweet confections to savory sausages. Named for its rich, dark, nutrient-rich soil, the 23 counties wrap the state’s midsection like a belt, tying together Alabama’s Civil Rights history and a celebration of southern tradition.

By |September 20, 2021|
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