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6 new and upcoming spots in Trussville to check out

Trussville is one of Alabama’s newest hotspots for restaurants, breweries, and bars. The city of roughly 26,000 that straddles the Jefferson-St. Clair county lines is building on the momentum from the two-year-old Trussville Entertainment District, a green space with a stage for outdoor performances surrounded by food and drink establishments, including Ferus Brewing’s flagship brewery and taproom. The growth radiates from there, including expansions from established restaurant brands based in nearby Birmingham and Homewood, as well places opened by hometown entrepreneurs. Here are a few new spots, and some coming attractions.

By |September 17, 2022|

Make Montgomery Home: 3 unexpected reasons people are moving to Montgomery

Revitalization of historic Montgomery is well underway through the addition of fine-dining restaurants, nationally recognized museum and memorials, modern housing developments, and so much more. As the capital city, Montgomery is truly the heart of “the soul of the south.” Here are three reasons why people are making the move to Montgomery and why you should consider making Montgomery home too.

By |September 12, 2022|

Popular fast food joint Milo’s introduces new line of burgers

Change comes gradually at Milo’s Hamburgers. For years after Milo Carlton opened his Birmingham restaurant in 1946, he slung only his unique burgers, slathered in house-made sauce and featuring a bonus bit of beef under the bun. It took a half-century or so for Milo’s to add chicken. Now its modest menu is coming full circle with a line of what Milo’s calls Thick-Style burgers, including two that premiere this month.

By |September 11, 2022|

11 Oktoberfest events to attend in Alabama this fall

Oktoberfest has been many things over the years since the tradition began in Munich in the early 1800s. It started as a two-week celebration of the October 12, 1810, marriage of the Bavarian crown prince and a princess from a nearby state. People had so much fun, especially at the post-wedding horse race, folks decided to do it again in 1811. Oktoberfest officially became an annual festival in 1819, and has missed few years since. In many ways, it’s a super-charged version of typical modern fall festival, with more than 7 million visitors enjoying carnival-style rides, attractions, and signature foods like bratwurst and pork shanks.

By |September 9, 2022|

Rickshaw food trailer offers Asian fusion cuisine

Chris Joe’s Birmingham restaurant roots run deep. In 1919, his family moved to the city from Canton, China and opened Joy Young Chinese and American Restaurant. The restaurant remained a staple in the city with locations in downtown Birmingham, at the Brookwood Mall, and beyond for the next 70 years. The last Joy Young restaurant closed in the 1990s. 

By |September 8, 2022|

El Viaje introduces new agave spirit to Alabama

If you’ve never heard of raicilla, that could change very soon thanks to Andrew Bernauer. He’s bringing the lesser-known agave spirit to Alabama through Birmingham-based El Viaje. The company produces raicilla that’s handcrafted and distilled in Jalisco, Mexico. 

By |September 4, 2022|
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