October 18, 2022

5 ways to decorate your home for Fall on a Target budget

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Alabama fall is rolling in and with bearable temperatures I can finally enjoy a PSL on the front porch while watching the leaves in our neighborhood turn from green to bright red. We’ve just moved into a new house which comes with a lot of expenses, so as much as I wanted to go all out on my front porch pumpkin display, this is a year of keeping things simple! I am no expert but after owning a few homes and spending the holidays keeping up with decorating trends, I’ve found a few foundational basics at Target that seem to work well for everyone, take minimal effort, and cost less than $100 total.

Here are 5 ideas to transition your home decor from summer to fall while keeping it simple for your workload and wallet:

  1. “Dollar” section pumpkins

These green ceramic pumpkins were so cute and simple to transition from a summer to fall color pallet! They were $5 for a small size and $10 for a bigger one. After picking these out you will notice I was inspired to carry the green theme throughout my home.

(Courtney Hancock/Contributed)

(Courtney Hancock/Contributed)

  1. New entryway rug

A season appropriate entryway rug will set the tone as you enter your home with the first sign of a new season. A new rug on the floor, even a small 3×5 can make a statement for only $20. I did choose to “splurge” on this green and plaid rugfrom what might be considered a Target name-brand (Threshold designed by Studio McGree) because I felt like it would carry well into the Christmas season too! One less thing to change out after Thanksgiving.

  1. Scents of the season

Not only did I score a miniature pumpkin candle for just $5, but I also got lucky and grabbed some fresh baked pumpkin muffins from the bakery that had just been set out. Since I will likely go through the muffins quicker than they can keep my house smelling like yummy October, I recommend keeping ingredients on-hand to make your own one-pot potpourri. We have a simple recipe you can refer to here! The one-pot potpourri will fill your house with the crisp scent of fall for days but keeping a little candle on hand for ambiance is nice too.

(Courtney Hancock/Contributed)

(Courtney Hancock/Contributed)

  1. Miniature statements outside

A front porch usually speaks for itself and doesn’t need much added if it’s surrounded by beautifully framed windows and well-kept landscaping! I love my porch and spend plenty of time on it year-round but didn’t want to crowd the space or break the bank with edible decorations that I know are going to expire within the month. So, I went with more miniature pumpkins and mums but chose colors that would still pop! Target had these little pumpkins for $2 – $3 and small mums for just under $10. It provided just enough to say “fall has arrived at the Hancock household!”

  1. A cozy throw

Another small change/big impact that can be made as you transition your seasonal décor is by way of living room throw. I swapped out my light cream, spring-time blanket for a darker mahogany knit that brought texture and moodiness to the space. I also thought the red would be a good color to last me all the way to spring!

(Courtney Hancock/Contributed)

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