Milo’s is a well-known and well-loved Alabama establishment that has kept customers coming back for more since its doors opened in North Birmingham in April of 1946. With high-quality ingredients and a special sauce that has had customers asking, “What is in that sauce?” for nearly 80 years, Milo’s has set itself apart as the state’s go-to burger shop. The loyalty of Milo’s fans is not simply a product of a small but mighty menu but a result of the company’s dedicated staff, many of whom have been with the company for over 20 years.

One may think that with a limited menu and such a uniquely flavored sauce the employees of Milo’s might tire of eating on-site, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Instead of avoiding the familiar favorites, the employees have gotten creative.

Here are six Milo’s menu hacks to try during your next stop at Milo’s.


Milo’s Original Burger with Grilled Onions

Tried and true, adding grilled onions to a Milo’s Original Burger is a simple way to add something new to your order. While the Milo’s team assumes that Milo himself was the creator of this secret recipe, we will never know for certain.

This simple but delicious option was created back in the early days when Milo’s first opened in the mid-1900s. Even as such a long-standing order, many do not know it is a choice. Adding grilled onions to an Original Burger is a great option for those who want to lessen the strength of the onion taste in their burger without sacrificing flavor.


Thick-Style Burger Milo’s Way

The Milo’s Thick-Style Burger was created for folks with a preference for home-style burgers with lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and mayo, but this hack is a great way to combine the appeal of a home-style burger with the classic taste of Milo’s signature sauce.

This hack, created by former CEO, Tom Deckle, takes the Thick-Style Burger and turns it into a Milo’s Burger with sauce, onions, and pickles. In essence, this creates a Milo’s Burger with double the meat.

Tom is a true fan of Milos, having enjoyed Milo’s burgers since he was young. He remembers grabbing sack fulls of burgers while working with his dad in downtown Birmingham over 50 years ago. To this day, he eats at Milo’s weekly, alternating between the #2 and the Thick-Style Burger Milo’s Way.


Milo’s Original Burger with Jalapeños

When placing her order, Milo’s Senior Regional Manager, Dru Gulley opts for the Milo’s Original Burger with jalapeños for a kick of heat. Dru adds heat to everything and her Milo’s Original Burger is no exception. Before Milo’s got jalapeños in the restaurant, she put Tabasco on everything.

The energy poured into making Milo’s food as high quality as possible is a huge passion for Dru. With Milo’s for over 24 years, one might assume Dru would choose to dine out, but according to her, “It just never gets old.”



Toasted Cheese, add Milo’s Sauce and Bacon

Created by one of Milo’s most widely loved employees of 26 years, the Toasted Cheese with Milo’s Sauce and bacon is a Verlina special. Verlina is known for bringing a smile to the face of every customer she meets. If you know Verlina, you can’t help but love her, and you’re just as sure to love her go-to order.


Mexi Burger

Four years ago, Milo’s Burger Bus fans voted on a new burger creation. This is how the Mexi Burger came to be. A thick-style patty with white queso, grilled onions, and jalapeños, there is nothing like it. While you won’t find it on every Milo’s menu, you can order it at any location.

The Mexi Burger has been a huge hit with many including Milo’s own CEO. When Adam Pennebaker is not ordering his Milo’s Double Cheeseburger, the Mexi Burger is his next choice.


Chocolate Cookies and Cream Shake

For all the chocoholics out there, this one is for you. Next time you stop by Milo’s while craving something sweet, try ordering the Chocolate Cookies and Cream Shake. Created by Milo’s Marketing Director and self-professed chocoholic Mary Duncan Proctor, this order is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.