Former two-sport collegiate athlete, Aaron Sherrill, has always had a passion for movement, and now he devotes his life to helping others move well, too. Upon graduation from Birmingham-Southern, Sherrill went on to complete his Doctor of Physical Therapy at UAB before starting work as a physical therapist in both an outpatient staff role and a traveling role. Once the pandemic hit, Sherrill, like so many of us, found himself thinking outside the box and challenging normal operations. As a result, he founded MoveWell, which enabled clients to access physical therapy services from the comfort of their own homes. Fast forward three years and MoveWell is on the move!


You mentioned that you started MoveWell Mobile “to bring convenience and efficiency to healthcare”. How does MoveWell practically accomplish that compared to more traditional physical therapy practices?

First off, we decrease the time delay of when a prospective client seeks out help to when they are actually seen. We do this by offering same-day free consultations, providing a simple app to where any session can be booked in less than 30 seconds, and being hyper-responsive so our clients get in as soon as needed. At MoveWell, you see the same professional every time with their full attention for 60 minutes. That same professional helps you stay on track in between sessions by checking in and providing every resource you need to be successful. We have found that this consistency and transparency allow people to reach their goals at an accelerated rate compared to the diluted service you find in mainstream healthcare.

How has your business grown/changed since you opened?

MoveWell is constantly changing and growing. At first, we were exclusively a mobile physical therapy concept designed to deliver care whenever and wherever you needed it. Although that is still a large part of what we do, we have added team members that bring many different skill sets to the table. We now have four physical therapists that service four partner gyms in our community alongside our mobile service that delivers one-on-one care to your home or place of work. We also offer nutrition coaching, personal training, sport-specific training, and corporate wellness benefits that allow us to help more of our community in more ways. We are opening our first brick-and-mortar location on Morris Avenue on March 6th to bring a clinic that is the first of its kind in downtown Birmingham.

What led you to open a brick-and-mortar, and what do you want to share about this new space?

The reason we decided to move forward with getting a physical location is two-fold. One, there is a lot to be desired in the health and fitness industry in downtown Birmingham, and we feel like we are in a great position to lead the charge and create a new culture of health and wellness downtown. Secondly, not having our own location left a lot out of our control – temperature, noise, and hours of operation to name a few. MoveWell HQ will give us the opportunity to create a remarkable experience by controlling every variable throughout the client journey. HQ will be a private/semi-private experience where we offer everything from personal training and fitness courses to community workshops. These courses will cover the gamut: physical therapy, nutrition counseling, mobility classes, and massage therapy. It will be a one-stop shop for everything that will get you moving better, feeling better, and reaching your fitness goals.

Where do you see your business headed in the next five years?

In the next five years, we will be growing our team to over 40 professionals covering multiple markets so we can bring the same level of quality and convenience to various communities. We will continue to refine our systems to make MoveWell completely on-demand allowing clients to book the service right when they need it.

What is the profile of your client base?

Our client base ranges from young athletes in middle school to the 90-year-old who wants to stay moving and be functional for years to come. However, we tend to serve professionals who value their health and time above all…people who want a one-on-one experience at a convenient time so they can have more time for business, friends, and family.

Can you help us get to know your team a little better?

Our team is an absolute blast to be around!

Kaley is as goofy as she is sweet, and anyone that meets her immediately senses how genuine she is. She is also a low-key fantastic athlete.

Jeffrey is the dad of the group and also the clinical nerd. He loves teaching our team new techniques, and he is constantly working on his craft to be the best clinician he can be. He can also brew up some mean craft beers.

Dakota is the class clown. He always keeps things light. At the same time, he will go out of his way to help anyone with anything. He is a national-level weightlifter with an honorable-mention-level mustache.

Kate is the new girl on the block. She is our nutrition coach and is extremely organized. She loves CrossFit and is super easygoing. She probably works out more than anyone on our entire team.

What does a “day in the life” look like for you on a typical work day?

A normal work day usually consists of waking up at 4:45 and laying out the objectives for the day while I drink my three cups of coffee. I then get a workout in before starting to see patients. I typically see 3-4 patients per day and use the rest of the time to work on business development. I typically don’t stop my workday until 8 pm which is when I plug in my phone and take a book to bed.

Lastly, what does a “day in the life” look like for you on a non-work day?

To be honest, it is hard to shut it off. I have to leave town to have a true non-work day. However, a work-free day usually still consists of good coffee, plenty of movement and exercise, a little bit of reading, and catching up with friends at a restaurant and/or brewery.