‘A Man About Town’ is constantly curating sensational listicles that go beyond the ordinary and with the holidays sneaking up on even the savviest among us, we’re turning up the present hunt to eleven with this holiday gift guide.  From the discerning relative to that mysterious friend, we’re here to unveil hidden gems from smaller businesses and irresistible picks from our favorite eateries. Get ready for an exclusive blend of under-the-radar finds, can’t-miss treasures, and my top product recommendations spanning Birmingham, Alabama, and the entire Southeast! 

For The Fashionista

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Freshwater Pearl Necklace | KATE MORRIS JEWELRY

This statement piece was once only worn by women of a certain demographic and has since been embraced by a new generation of men and women who are confident in their style choices. This 15”-17” freshwater Pearl necklace can be worn as a necklace or double as a bracelet to create an effortless yet classic look.  BUY NOW

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OTRA Sunglasses | LUNA BHM

At this Birmingham-based family-owned boutique you’ll find trendy curated looks including elevated basics, denim, jewelry, sunglasses, and imported leather goods. With new items arriving every week, your holiday shopping experience will be unique each time you visit!

Style Guide: Classic: Billie Aviator  Trendy: Bria, Elio, Ava Unisex: Billie, Illa, Pipa, Tate, Sky BUY NOW

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Fall/Winter Guide to Wardrobe Guide: Effortless Dressing Made Simple!  | ALISICA MARIE

If you are tired of the daily struggle to put together stylish and weather-appropriate outfits during the colder months, look no further! This comprehensive guide is here to update your closet and streamline your morning routine. With tips and examples on selecting versatile essentials, layering like a pro, and mixing and matching effortlessly, you’ll create a fall/winter wardrobe that’s both chic and practical. It’s giving easy, confident dressing all season long! BUY NOW

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Classic Moto  |  BILLY REID

Discover timeless style with Billy Reid’s Classic Moto Leather Jacket. Crafted with precision and a nod to heritage, this iconic piece seamlessly merges rugged elegance with a modern flair. Elevate your wardrobe and make a statement with a jacket that transcends trends, embodying the spirit of adventure and authenticity. Gift the thrill of enduring fashion with Billy Reid, where craftsmanship meets cool in every stitch. BUY NOW

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Indulge in the allure of The LivinFearless Collection, curated by the visionary creator, Alicia B. Discover meticulously crafted accessories designed to elevate your style. Dive into a world where each piece reflects dedication and countless hours of passion. Elevate your wardrobe with The LivinFearless Collection, because your style deserves to be as unique as you are. BUY NOW

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 Revival Line | HIDE & HUNTER

Their philosophy of “one-of-a-kind” is carried into every piece and each element combines to create a marriage of rustic perfection. Beauty? Promised. Durability? Guaranteed. These bags make the perfect gifts for the woman, or Jacob Elordi, in your life. VINTAGE UPCYCLED BAGS


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Knit Collection | LIVSTREETWEAR

Make a bold statement this fall and winter with the Knit Collection. This knit sweater is designed to evoke your most fabulous self. Elevate your style with confidence and comfort. Embrace the essence of timeless fashion and be the one to stand out. Shop now and step into a season of unparalleled chicness. Pieces are made in Birmingham and est. in Brooklyn, 1990.  BUY NOW 

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Rue Belt Bag | BASIC

Say goodbye to ordinary gifts because, with the Rue Belt Bag, you’ll be hearing ‘Yes, thank you!’ all season. Locally made by Dreamers Supply Co and available at basic., this chic accessory offers a sophisticated twist to the classic fanny pack. Perfect for the farmer’s market, a day at the park, or your next adventure abroad, it’s the stylish, versatile choice. Complete with the Dreamers logo branded on the back, this gift is a fashionable statement waiting to be unwrapped.  BUY NOW

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Wrangler Unisex Wide Leg Painter |  CLUB DUQUETTE

Transform into the artist, the easel, and the masterpiece itself with the Wrangler® Casey Jones wide leg painter jean. Much like an abstract work of art, these pants burst into life through a pastel color scheme, resembling swirly paint strokes reminiscent of the masters. Dive into your creative flow with large pockets for all your art supplies adorned with the classic “W” stitching and the Casey Jones collection patch. Crafted from 100% cotton, these jeans embrace a worn-in feel from the very first wear, ensuring comfort as you explore your artistic side. With 7 belt loops, a white button closure, and a wide-legged silhouette, they inject personality into any ensemble. Be the canvas and embrace your unique style. Explore the extensive collection of premium Wrangler for men, women, and all folks. Your artistic journey begins here. BUY NOW


For The Home & Body

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Transitional Sandstone – Merino Lambswool Throw | LIFELYLES GIFT & INTERIORS

If you’re shopping for a great throw, we think it should be in a style and material you love, curated for you and your lifestyle like this one from Lifelyles. BUY NOW 

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Vision Board Journal | LABRANDON DATES

Embrace the power of manifestation with this Vision Journal – a private, portable twist on traditional vision boards. Say goodbye to displaying your dreams openly; this journal lets you track progress and reflect on life discreetly. Gather your dreams, affirmations, and clippings, and personalize each section. When it’s time for fresh visioning, order a new journal and archive your past successes. Manifest in style, privately and purposefully. This is the perfect gift for anyone ready to envision and achieve their goals with a touch of privacy. PAPERBACK | HARDCOVER

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Meet Patience McRee, proud franchisee of Magnolia Soap and Bath Co. which opened a new location in 5 Points South at 1923 11th Ave S. Their plant-based products, free from harsh chemicals and parabens, redefine beauty routines. Also, enjoy laundry soap in 70 scents – a game-changer with no need for additional products. Plus, dive into my personal favorites, the Sweet Almond bath and body line. LEARN MORE & SHOP

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Elevate your fitness journey with a dash of festive spirit! Unleash the hype and save big – enjoy 15% off, up to $300 annually, on life-changing workouts at Battle Republic. Join a vibrant community committed to becoming better versions of ourselves. The joyous 15% off sale kicks off on November 24th and concludes on the 27th. Seize the moment and power up for a healthier, happier you! SEE MEMBERSHIPS

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Launched in 2018, Atlanta-based Weezie is a modern luxury brand offering high-quality, customizable towels. Known for their attention to quality and oh-so-fluffy composition, Weezie has something for everyone on your list including Plush Holiday Robes and Shave Towels. Featured in Forbes, Vogue, and more, Weezie is expanding every day!  LUXURY MONOGRAMMED TOWELS AND WEARS

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Farmstead Laboratories’ 100% natural perfumes and aromatherapy oils are small-batch blends made in-house by owners Deborah and Alexandra Stone. The natural perfumes represent a range of scent categories and nurture mind, body, and spirit. Each essential oil blend is formulated using aromatherapy principles and known benefits to deliver powerful results with every application. The ingredients are of pure and natural origin. Note: We are launching a collaboration very soon!  ORDER FROM SHF

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Friendsmas Candle | THE GLO DUO

This holiday scent is a blend of warm aromatic substances such as herbs, spices, and citrus freshness. The vanilla notes capture the essence of a joyful and cozy friendsmas atmosphere. BUY NOW 

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Clayton & Crume Rocks Glasses | BRIDGE + ROOT

Elevate your hosting game with Clayton & Crume Rocks Glasses – a fusion of classic design and unmatched durability. These glasses are not just an addition to your bar; they’re a statement of style and quality. Discover the perfect blend of elegance and resilience – crafted for hosts and hostesses who take pride in every detail. SHOP THIS PRODUCT FOR THE STYLISH MAN IN YOUR LIFE

For The Artist

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Broadway in Birmingham | BJCC

Theater tickets make an ideal gift! Whether you’re looking for seasonal memberships, to book a group, to purchase individual tickets to the shows, or want to find out more about our Broadway Series Shows, CLICK HERE.


For The Foodie

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A little bit of Texas in Alabama is exactly what Ladybird Taco brought to Birmingham when opening in Mountain Brook earlier this year. Going into their first holiday season means plenty of opportunities to gather around tacos and coffee with friends—even if that means sharing the queso. Share the love of good food and good company with a gift card, ensuring your favorite foodie can partake whenever the taste for tacos hits. BUY NOW

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PRG is serving up some tasty gift ideas this holiday season for on and off the table but available at all locations. Their holiday promotion will be launching December 1st: for every $50 in gift cards purchased in stores, receive a free $10 gift card. 

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Katie’s Plates, Birmingham’s best-kept secret for a decade, brings gourmet meals to your doorstep. Utilizing her nutrition expertise, Katie Strickland crafts healthy, delicious dinners, relieving families of cooking stress. With fresh, same-day deliveries from Monday to Thursday, Katie’s Plates is the ultimate solution. Gift cards, perfect for various occasions, make Christmas shopping a breeze. Ideal for new moms, college graduates, birthdays, or expressing love, these emailed gift cards offer a personal touch for any celebration. BUY NOW and use code: RandallPorter for 20% off! 

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Give the sweetest gift this holiday season from the exquisite Peterbrooke Chocolatier. Tis the season to say “Thank you” “Happy Holidays”, or “Happy Hanukkah” to your business partners, your clients, and your employees. Let them incorporate your company swag as a finishing touch to all your customized gifts. At Peterbrooke, they specialize in tailoring the gift to meet any request. ORDER NOW

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Step into the heart of culinary excellence at Bottega, where the charm of the American South meets the allure of the Italian countryside. Savor the magic inspired by Italy’s wine bars and trattorias, enveloped in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Their menu, a harmonious blend of apéritifs, wines, beers, cocktails, delectable bites, and exquisite desserts, brings together Southern ingredients and artisanal treasures from Italy. Since 1988, the historic Beaux-Arts dining room has welcomed guests, and in 1990, the Café introduced wood-fired pizzas, adding a touch of rustic delight. Now, bring the essence of Bottega to your kitchen with CHEF STITT’S AWARD WINNING COOKBOOKS  and homemade olive oil. These are the perfect gifts for the foodie in your life. Immerse yourself in the culinary narrative of Bottega, where every page turned and every drop of olive oil poured brings the spirit of their kitchen to yours. Join us on this delicious journey, where each purchase becomes a celebration of flavor, community, and the art of inviting warmth into your home.

Happy Shopping and Holidays Dolls – Randall




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