October 8, 2022

A Man About Town: 4 Stylishly delicious brunch cities in Alabama

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The love affair with running eggs, mimosas, and reminiscing of last nights’ shenanigans while dressed in elaborate fashion sometimes complemented by athleisure wear is what some like to call, Brunch. The word that is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch first appeared in the 1890’s, now, has become more popular than ever.

Chicken and Waffles, Salmon On Toast With Poached Egg & Asparagus fancy or casual, the dilemma of where you would like to have your brunch… crippled with thoughts of what to wear could dampen what is meant to lift your spirits. Therefore, I’ve put together a list of my top Alabama cities & their brunch hotspots with the help of some stylish locals that live there. Now, get ready to make your way through brunch in style + deliciously.

First, What to Wear:

I think it is to say that the aesthetic of brunch style in the south is  influenced by brands like Billy Reid and Club Duquette which offers a mix of laid-back Southern roots and sharp New York sensibility which blends loose silhouettes, intricate patterns, and cool, neutral hues. But due to location your style shifts out of necessity – Cue in the Coastal Grandmother Style.  I love that brunch is a full on occasion – you need the right accessories to mask the hangover or make a BOLD fashion statement. Here are my favorite FALL brunch staples not exclusively but can worn together: 

(Randall Porter/Contributed)

  1. Oversized HAT to fill the room, take control of your position in the room or cover that bed head. Either works. 
  2. A BAG needed to throw your credit card, lip gloss, keys etc..
  3. Layer Piece – Fall Weather in the south is unpredictable. A layering piece can be chic and functional. 
  4. Statement Jewelry  – Just to give whatever fit that extra sparkle and spot of elegance.

Then, Where to brunch:

“Brunch is a meal and an occasion that is all about feeling good! So depending on your mood, your destination and the vibe you’re channeling as you head out the door you grab what feels right.” – Morgan Johnston

Gulf Shores

(Randall Porter/Contributed)


“They have an orangesicle mimosa and a bloody mary bar! I always make a RSVP when I go just to be on the safe side since their views are very nice.” – Tandra Smith (@tandratbh)



“It’s super fun, with a modern boho beach vibe. This American seafood restaurant offers a fun and relaxing time! Easily dock your boat if you arrive by water, throw on a cute cover up, sun hat and sandals.” – Brooke West Rodgers 

“If you didn’t get a Playa bathroom mirror pic… did it really happen? – Shelby Denae Graham


(Morgan Johnston/Contributed)


“We love General for its Parisian vibe and fabulous pastries.” – Morgan Johnston 

Morgan might grab an easy dress, a bright lipstick and layer on some jewels that elevate literally any look. And the sunglasses. Brunch always calls for sunglasses, whether due to a beautiful day or an extra long night before. I’m street-style meets work-wear turned a little prep-pants with a cuff, a loafer of some great sneakers, maybe even no socks. The perfectly worn Oxford cloth shirt with a light jacket on top.”  – DuQuette Johnston, wearing all items from Club DuQuette


Automatic Seafood and Oysters

“Arguably the best brunch in town week after week…never disappoints. Never gets stale. Favorite brunch dish has to be the burger or avocado toast.” – Jesse Rohr

(Alisica Gilmore/Contributed)


“Jinsei’s motto is ‘Celebrate Life’ – having their Eggs Royale was the true meaning of that…it was an explosion of textures and flavors that I wouldn’t mind having every weekend. My brunch style is usually girly and comfortable so that i can be cute but still eat well.” – Alisica Gilmore


(Tera Wages/Contributed)


“From having tables squeezed together filled friends for my birthday, or ordering lots of their signature mac & cheese for my kids on Mother’s Day while I enjoy their brunch special, or bringing my notebook to sit and dream with my husband while tasting their newest drinks and appetizers. Odette has been the backdrop of our favorite moments.” – Tera Wages


All The Best

“This magical mix of coffee shop, breakfast, brunch, music and snacks to go. It’s like if you took a cool little NYC bodega and gave it a good deep south treatment.” – DuQuette Johnston


(Sunset Pointe/Contributed)

Sunset Pointe

“Brunch at Sunset Pointe is the very essence of the coastal Alabama experience. Enjoying a curated libation from their summer cocktail menu to sip in the salty morning air before getting lost in the streets of downtown Fairhope is a local experience of which others can only dream!” – Cole Manders

(Fairhope Inn/Facebook)

Fairhope Inn

“A quaint inn located downtown does brunch from 10-2 on Sundays only. They have an entire list of cocktails that they refer to as Sunday funday drinks, my favorite being the cold brew martini. The green tomato napoleon, strawberry cheesecake waffle and crawfish biscuit are all favorites of mine and my boyfriend, Travis. They also do cornmeal crusted local gulf fish with a Gouda grit cake, collards and creole tomato sauce.” – Jordan Jackson

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