I think we all learned something when Lauren Conrad was told she’d always be ‘the girl who didn’t go to Paris.’ But fast forward sixteen years later, I too (almost) didn’t go to Paris.

Allow me to provide some context. I was very much on the fence about the trip due to financial worries and other travel commitments—more serious and realistic issues than ‘The Hills’ saga. I’m blessed to have friends who made sure I didn’t pass up on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But it wasn’t until Liz came over hours before departing, and we did one last fitting of the suit, that I delivered the most Marie Antoinette-esque one-liner, “This suit deserves to be seen!” The royal drama of it all. The suit was simply stunning. It gave me the attitude and confidence I needed, but it also served as a reminder for Liz that she is worthy.

​​While just 33, Elizabeth Singleton has learned a valuable lesson early in life that many of us learn too late. Clearly in charge of her life, this designer listened to her heart as it guided her away from the safety net of her design and production career in the bridal fashion industry to exactly where she was meant to be. Tune in as her wisdom may help you find the focus you’re looking for as well as take that leap of faith to your career redefining moment. 

(Randall Porter/Contributed)

“ I am trying to let God lead the way in writing my story moving forward.”

Hailing from Florida to be raised in Alabama, Elizabeth creates from her heart and soul. The University of Alabama alumni graciously works with custom clients constructing designs from scratch and offering high-end tailoring services. Her goal with each client is to highlight what makes them unique through the design and to encourage them to feel confident in who they were created to be. But Elizabeth decided to take her own advice and follow her heart while exploring career options and living independently to find her voice and confidence in Birmingham.

“Self-discovery is the process of understanding your true self: your values, your needs and wants, even what food you like and dislike.”

Elizabeth did just that and is launching what has been on her heart this fall on 11/11. I was lucky enough to bask in her talent.

(Randall Porter/Contributed)

For the royal wedding of Hannah G and Dylan Barbour, she created a custom suit that she lovingly called The Randall Porter, and is the first suit created by the brand. It is a single-vented blazer with flap pockets and one button for the closure. The pants are flat front and slim cut with a tuxedo stripe and pockets. The suit is made of black heavy crepe accented with a lightweight velvet, and a third piece to the suit—a train of shantung made detachable with a sash.

“We are obsessed with The Randall Porter-both the human and the suit.”

Bringing it back around, Elizabeth’s deep understanding of herself and what she needs to thrive and be happy has served her well. Many people of all ages ignore their inner voice and simply sacrifice what they need for the benefit of others or out of fear of change. Her story shows us that being true to oneself by realizing and prioritizing our needs isn’t selfish—it’s survival in the best possible way.