Warm wishes and festive cheer to all our dear readers! As the holiday spirit wraps around us like a cozy blanket, we find ourselves immersed in the magic of the season. In the heart of this enchanting time, ‘A Man About Town’ becomes your personal haven for all things merry and bright.

Are you curious about the perfect gift for your quirky cousin or in need of advice on surviving the in-laws’ holiday party? Fear not, for Randall has donned his festive hat and is ready to sprinkle some wisdom like snowflakes. Join us on this sleigh ride of inquiries and insights, as we unwrap the joy of answering your holiday questions.

Whether you’re navigating the delicate art of family gatherings or seeking the most scrumptious gingerbread recipe, Ask Randall is your go-to guide for all things holly and jolly. So, grab a cup of cocoa, snuggle up by the fire, and let the spirit of curiosity and camaraderie fill your heart. Let the festivities begin, and may your questions be as merry as your celebrations!

How do you keep your family holiday traditions alive while embracing your own style? 

R: Ah, the delicate art of melding family traditions with your own fabulous flair. It’s like trying to wrap a present with glittery paper and maintain your dignity. Fear not, holiday trailblazer, for I’ve concocted a recipe for blending the old and new with just the right amount of spice and sparkle:

  1. Retro Remix

   Take those classic family traditions and give them a remix that even DJ Jingle Bells would envy. Imagine grandma’s fruitcake with a hipster twist—quinoa and artisanal candied kale. Trust me, it’s a game-changer.

  1. DIY Wonderland

   Embrace your inner artist and add your personal touch to everything. Turn the tree-trimming into a DIY extravaganza. Who needs store-bought ornaments when you can bedazzle pinecones and convince everyone it’s the latest trend?

  1. Tradition, Schmadition

   Create new traditions that scream “you.” Whether it’s a holiday-themed escape room or an annual family lip-sync battle, let your creativity run wild. Bonus points if you can convince Uncle Bob to rock an elf costume for the occasion.

  1. Cultural Collage

   Blend cultures like a festive fusion chef. Tacos on Christmas Eve? Sushi for New Year’s? Why not! Your taste buds will thank you, and your holiday feast will be the talk of the town.

  1. Communication Comedy

   When discussing your grand plans with the fam, toss in a few holiday-themed puns. “Let’s sleigh this together,” you might say, ensuring everyone is on board with your brilliant ideas while eliciting a few eye rolls.

  1. Adaptation Appreciation

   Stay flexible like a yogi with tinsel in their hair. Life is unpredictable, and so are holiday plans. Embrace change with a wink and a nod, and remember, sometimes the best traditions are the ones you accidentally stumble upon.

  1. Essence Over Excess

   Don’t get bogged down in the details—focus on the feels. Whether your holiday tableau includes a three-course meal or a cozy PJ day, if it feels like love and laughter, you’re doing it right.

In the end, holiday traditions are like ugly sweaters—sometimes a little quirky, often handed down through generations, and undeniably fabulous when embraced with your own personal style. So, sprinkle a dash of wit, and a pinch of humor, and let the holiday blending commence! Cheers to a season that’s uniquely, unabashedly, and brilliantly you. 


Do you have a favorite Christmas Song? 

Mariah Carey, the undisputed Queen of Christmas, certainly knows how to deck the halls with musical magic. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is the holiday anthem that plays in the hearts of many.

Now, branching out into Brandy’s “Someday at Christmas” is a delightful choice! That soulful rendition adds a unique flavor to the holiday. It’s like adding a secret ingredient to the Christmas cookie recipe that leaves everyone wondering, “What’s the magic touch?”

And let’s not forget the timeless classics like “O Holy Night” (MC’s version)  and the heartwarming “Where Are You Christmas,” (written by Mariah as well) sung by Faith Hill. Those tunes are like the cozy, familiar blankets we wrap ourselves in during the chilly December nights.

As for “When Christmas Comes,” another Mariah Carey gem, it’s a joyful reminder that the holiday season is not just a date on the calendar but a feeling that comes alive with every festive note.

Ultimately, choosing a favorite Christmas song is like picking the best present under the tree—nearly impossible because each one brings its own unique joy. So, here’s to a soundtrack filled with Mariah’s magic, Brandy’s soulful serenade, and a symphony of holiday classics that make this season truly merry and bright! 


How do you successfully split time between families when you have a significant other? 

R: LISTEN. Coming from a “product of divorced parents,” holiday time-splitting is a maneuver that requires more finesse than a figure skater on a frozen pond. Fear not, dear navigator of family gatherings, for I bring you a guide to gracefully dividing your time between significant others and their kin:

  1. The Diplomatic Calendar

   Become a master of scheduling. Imagine your calendar as a United Nations summit and carefully plot out visits with both families. Bonus points for creating a visual masterpiece that could rival a modern art exhibit.

  1. The Power of Rotation

   Implement a rotating schedule. Alternate holidays with each family, ensuring that no one feels like they’re perpetually on the naughty list for missing out. It’s the gift of fairness that keeps on giving.

  1. The Double Delight

   For those who crave adventure (or at least a good sitcom plot), consider splitting the day between families. Brunch with one, dinner with the other—just be sure not to confuse the leftovers.

  1. The Hybrid Celebration

   Propose a hybrid celebration that blends both families into one festive fiesta. Picture it: a Thanksgiving feast followed by Hanukkah candle-lighting and a Christmas tree-decorating competition! 

  1. The Clone

   If only there were two of you! Alas, science hasn’t caught up with holiday demands yet, but you can create a digital clone. Set up a virtual call during one family gathering so you can share the joy from afar. Just be sure to mute the background chaos.

  1. The Gift of Communication

   Openly communicate with your significant other about expectations and desires. Understanding each other’s priorities and wishes is the key to a harmonious holiday season. It’s like a festive team huddle.

  1. The Solo Shuffle

   Don’t forget the power of solo visits. Occasionally, taking turns attending family events on your own can be a strategic move, allowing for more intimate connections and avoiding the chaos of a crowded holiday battlefield.

  1. The Preemptive Strike

   Address potential conflicts or concerns ahead of time. A little pre-holiday discussion can prevent misunderstandings and ensure everyone is on the same page. Give the gift of preemptive peacekeeping.

Remember, successful time-splitting is an art, not a science. Keep in mind the spirit of the season – love, understanding, and a touch of strategic planning. May your holidays be filled with joy, laughter, and perfectly balanced family time! 


How do you encourage the spirit of gratitude and the joy of giving to kids who are growing up in a world that feels more and more materialistic?

R: I absolutely resonate with this question, and it’s close to my heart for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’ve personally embraced the practice of gratitude in my own life, and secondly, I understand the paradox of living in a world that seems increasingly materialistic.

Gratitude Starts at Home

One of the most impactful ways to instill gratitude in children is by modeling it ourselves. When kids see the adults in their lives expressing thanks for the simple pleasures—a beautiful sunset, a shared meal, or a kind gesture—it sets a powerful example. Incorporating a daily gratitude practice, whether through conversations around the dinner table or a shared gratitude journal, creates a positive atmosphere that extends beyond material possessions.

Experiences Over Things

Encourage a focus on experiences rather than possessions. Help kids build memories by engaging in activities together—whether it’s a family game night, a nature walk, or volunteering at a local charity. These experiences not only foster a sense of togetherness but also shift the emphasis from acquiring things to enjoying shared moments.

Giving Back

Introduce the joy of giving by involving children in acts of kindness and charity. This could be as simple as donating toys they no longer use, participating in community service projects, or organizing a family initiative to help those in need during the holiday season. The act of giving, no matter how small, cultivates empathy and reinforces the idea that happiness extends beyond personal gain.

Gratitude Jar or Journal

Create a gratitude jar or journal where family members can jot down things they’re thankful for. This tangible representation serves as a visual reminder of the abundance of positive moments in their lives. It’s a simple yet effective tool to shift the focus from what’s lacking to what’s present. Here is the journal I am using now.

Conscious Consumption

Encourage mindful consumption by discussing the value of purchases. Teach kids to think about the environmental impact, the ethical considerations, and the longevity of an item before acquiring it. By fostering a thoughtful approach to material possessions, we equip them with the tools to make conscious choices.

In a world that often measures success by material wealth, instilling gratitude and the joy of giving is a powerful counterbalance. By weaving these practices into the fabric of our families, we contribute to shaping a generation that appreciates the richness of life beyond the confines of materialism. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, transcending the holiday season into a lifelong mindset.


Does your family have any favorite holiday traditions? 

R: Absolutely, my family’s holiday traditions are a blend of cherished heritage and a touch of modern flair. The tapestry of our holiday traditions has woven its way through generations, each thread carrying the warmth of memories. Back in the day, my Hamma, the creative genius that she is, crafted these doll-like angel tree-toppers. I recall the joy of helping shop for the materials and being a part of the creation process. Those angels became more than mere decorations; they were tokens of love gifted to teachers, family, and friends, spreading the holiday spirit far and wide.

As time marched on and traditions took on new hues, my own chapter in the holiday tale began. Now, my chosen family gathers at my place, creating a cozy haven where laughter echoes through the halls and the aroma of holiday feasts dances in the air.  If “the baton” ever passed from my Hamma to me, I would find myself not just hosting but curating an experience that celebrates the bonds of friendship and chosen kin

Yet, in the spirit of evolution, there’s a new note in our family’s holiday symphony. Instead of the traditional winter wonderland, I’ve embraced the tradition of escaping to somewhere warm—a vacation that serves as a joyous interlude, a pause button on the chaos, a chance to bask in the glow of rest and relaxation. It’s my way of giving myself the present of presence, surrounded by the beauty of both nature and the chosen family I’ve cultivated.

So, as our family’s holiday traditions morph and meld, they remain the heartbeat of our celebrations—a melody that bridges generations and reflects the ever-evolving tapestry of our lives. May the angels of old and the warmth of new traditions continue to grace our festivities with love and joy.


How do you protect your own peace but also be a present and active family member during all the holiday festivities? 

R: To keep my peace during the holiday frenzy while still rocking the festive vibe, I’ve adopted a secret weapon: cocktails. Picture this, I call it “The Serenity Sipper.” It’s a concoction of patience, a splash of “me time,” and just a hint of strategic hiding in the pantry. But hey, in all seriousness, a good laugh, a well-mixed drink, and the occasional strategic disappearance are my go-to strategies for surviving the holiday hoopla while keeping my sanity intact. Cheers to festive fun without the frazzle! 


What is your favorite Christmas snack?

R: As a kid, I’d revel in a winter treat that’s a slice of red velvet cake because nothing says “’tis the season” like a dash of cocoa and a swirl of cream cheese frosting. But nostalgia takes me back to the days when I’d indulge in a quirky yet delightful combo: a navel orange with a Bob’s soft peppermint stick. Picture this: rolling the orange, cutting a hole, sticking in the peppermint, and sucking it like a peppermint straw. Ah, the simple joys of winter sweetness!

Now, as a grown-up, my go-to holiday drink is a family recipe that’s been transformed into a sparkling sensation. Brace yourself for the “Fizzy Bliss”: 3 cups of lime Kool-Aid to 1 cup of pineapple juice with delightful pineapple juice ice cubes studded with frozen cherries. Top it all off with Sprite, or for a more grown-up twist, swap the Sprite for champagne or add your favorite liquor. It’s the kind of concoction that turns ordinary gatherings into sparkling celebrations. Here’s to sipping in style and snacking with a sprinkle of nostalgia! 


Did you believe in Santa growing up?

R: Nope, I never believed in Santa growing up. Unfortunately, my well-meaning cousins and a few adults spilled the North Pole beans pretty early in the game out of spite and laziness. It turned me into a bit of a holiday Grinch, thinking the magic of ole Saint Nick was just a festive fib.

Fast forward to today, post a little bit of therapy magic, and guess what? I’ve found the sparkle in the season again. It turns out that the enchantment of the holidays isn’t just about Santa’s workshop—it’s about the joy of giving, the warmth of togetherness, and the twinkling lights that brighten even the Grinchiest of hearts. Here’s to rediscovering the magic and letting the holiday spirit sneak in, no chimney required!