August 30, 2022

A Man About Town: Ask Randall


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You asked, he answered! Our Instagram followers submitted questions to SoulGrown’s “Man About Town” columnist.

Who are the most stylish Alabamians past and present?

Dear @girlfromwren, hey doll!

I love this question so much! Since this question could be subjective, I am going to only mention a person of the past. A lot of us could agree but would not even think about this person when it comes to fashion due to his influence on music, however, I would say accomplished Jazz Pianist and Entertainer, Nat King Cole. The piano style of this Alabama native was the epitome of Black Male Glamour. His style had an elegance yet cool sartorial flair to it that still trends today. 

(NY Times/Contributed)

What are your favorite Friday night drink spots?

Dear @nicolettediesociokilgro, hey doll! 

Had you asked me this last year, I would have totally started this list with The Atomic Lounge. This award winning bar had everything you want out of a Friday Night drinking spot, offering themed rooms & costumes to wear with cocktails and art featuring some of the who’s who of Birmingham (The Randall Porter was one of my favorite cocktails -lol). However, they closed its doors in the fall 2021. Don’t worry I hear rumblings of a new concept coming very soon from the masterminds of The Atomic Lounge.  Now, I would say Queen’s Park, Avine, Paper Doll, Continental Drift, The Kelly Hotel are a few I frequent  – all offer a uniquely fresh vibe and while serving delicious drinks. Oh I should mention I am super excited for Adios Bar coming to The Dagny is one my highly-anticipated recommendations. 

(Matthew Niblett/Instagram)

What is your favorite piece in your closet currently?

Dear @nicolettediesociokilgro, hey Doll! 

Ooo, this is a hard one! But I think I would say my favorite piece in my closet are my  Wrangler Dress Jeans (I have them in black and Tan), we STAN a flared pant! I believe high rise flared jeans can work for everybody. Comfortable or extravagant? These two are not mutually exclusive when talking about these trousers.

NOTE: The fit and proportions are key – get the right fit. The waistband should sit flush your ribcage. Snug, but not overly tight. The pants should not be sliding off of you. Keep in mind, adjust the inseam or hem that complement your height and body shape. Remember these pants are meant to showcase your waist and legs, the top and shoes matter.

(Moe Kite/Instagram)

How do you charm everyone you meet?

Dear @Christenamelea, hey Doll! 

You are very sweet. Honestly, I just try to be myself and make everyone feel comfortable and respected. I genuinely believe that everyone deserves that when we encounter each other. I appreciate that you think I am charming – I just really like to be intentional these days with people whom I decide to spend my time with. 

(Jake Marvin/Instagram)

What is your biggest style pet peeve? 

Dear @comccay, hey Doll!

My biggest style pet peeve is people equating style with being expensive. Andre Leon Tally once said, “I love people – it is not the fashion, it is the people in fashion I love.” And also in 2020, we saw a shift in how “Luxury” was being defined and how it has become a bit more progressive in its nature. But you read more about that in this Vogue article. However, for me, I love seeing people’s individualistic point of view when it comes to fashion. It does not matter where you get the clothes, it is what you do with them.

(Randall Porter/Contributed)

Suggestions for stylish game day outfits?

Dear @alanenaschultz, hey doll! 

College football kicks off real soon. And as you know we take Game Day outfits very seriously in the South! Unlike our Northern brothers and sisters who are sipping on Pumpkin Spice Lattes and enjoying crisp fall air, we are still sweating… and this Alabama weather can be so unpredictable. Lucky for you, Tonia Trotter Price and I put together some looks in the late great Birmingham Magazine piece of Winning Looks. Illustrated here, we pull looks from local designers, retailers and international specialty retailers that would most definitely meet your stylish qualification. 

(Birmingham Magazine/Contributed)

To ask Randall your question, you can send him a DM @randallporter on Instagram, send us a DM @soulgrown_alabama, or email!

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