Originally from Athens, Alabama, with over 34,000-and-counting Insta-followers, Elizabeth Damrich is a self-described Creative Director and Interior Designer who has found a way to curate beautiful content featuring her husband and two children to release her own collection.

Peep our conversation as her journey may help you find the inspiration you’re looking for as well as a look at her line that I am simply simping over.

(Elizabeth Damrich/Contributed)

Randall: Let’s jump into it… Tell me about Elizabeth Damrich or can I call you Liz? Growing up, what did you want to be career-wise?

Elizabeth: You can call me either! People called me Liz when I lived in NYC because it took too much time to say Elizabeth.
Growing up, I knew I wanted to live well and hopefully make a beautiful life, but I wasn’t sure how exactly I was going to do it. My dad has always been an entrepreneur, so that type of life didn’t scare me. I figured I would own my own business at some point in the creative field, but I had no idea what that might be.

Randall: Being from Alabama, how did Southern culture influence your style?

Elizabeth: I think there is a certain romanticism to the South that comes through in my clothes and interior design. I have a slight tendency to dress up a bit but also make sure it has a level of ease to it.

Randall: With the announcement of the Elizabeth Damrich x Antonio Melani collection, congratulations by the way, can you tell me how it came to be? What was your inspiration for the collection? How do you want people to feel wearing your pieces?

Elizabeth: Thank you! I’ve always wanted to design a collection but knew firsthand from my time in New York that it’s incredibly difficult to do it independently, not to mention expensive… Dillard’s reached out and asked if I would design a collection for their Antonio Melani line and it seemed like a dream come true.

Randall: What have been the top 3 highlights of your career? And do you have any career dislikes you would like to share?

(Elizabeth Damrich/Contributed)

Elizabeth: Here are my top three highlights:
1) Landing an early internship at Karla Otto in NYC and working on luxury brands like Celine and Marni. It wasn’t so much the job that was the highlight, but the feeling that this small-town Alabama girl was walking into Vogue and Conde Nast passing on clothes to editors weekly. I was pinching myself!
2) Working with Carine Roitfeld and her team to produce a campaign video for her then CR Fashion Book. I have admired her since her time at French Vogue and the way she pushes the creative envelope.
3) Starting my own studio, taking on interior design clients and brand collaborations.

As for my career dislikes, a difficult time was when I fell out of love with New York. The long winters really got to me and I ended up leaving my job and deciding to move to Charleston! I had no job lined up or specific plan. The only plan was to live a better life and figure it out. New York taught me how I wanted to live and what I missed about the South.

Randall: Who are some of your peers that you admire or want to work with and why?

Elizabeth: Blake Sams is creating so much magic in the event world. Daphne Javitch and her Doing Well Subscription have helped me get on another level of wellness. Casa Gusto fuses so much whimsy and joy into their classic interiors.

Randall: What would you consider your motto?

Elizabeth: “Stay in your magic.”

Randall: In your downtime what do you enjoy doing?

Elizabeth: Antiquing, diving into design books, chasing my kids, sitting in an Adirondack with a glass of wine and a breeze off the bay.

(Elizabeth Damrich/Contributed)

Randall: What impact in the community do you want to leave for the next Elizabeth Damrich? Do you have any advice for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Elizabeth: Great question. I’d like to hopefully leave behind the idea that people from the South can be taken seriously creatively. You don’t have to be from a major city to make an impact these days.

I loved collaborating with other Alabama natives to help me with my collection launch as well. Everyone from Ashley Kickliter who shot my campaign, Paper Eliza who designed my invitation for the launch party, and local wine and coffee companies Gimme Gimme and Nova Espresso, it’s been rewarding to work together on this.

Randall: What are those little things you need to account for in order to feel like yourself?

Elizabeth: I think you have to really know what you stand for and what lights you up. Those are your markers to map out your path. Also, at the end of the day, I don’t want to try too hard. We have to leave room for being human.

Randall: Finally, what’s a 2023 trend you are adding to your fall wardrobe — or not?

Elizabeth: Long, wrap skirts paired with sculptural, chunky sweaters. I’m also excited about different styling techniques. I love figuring out how to make each piece of clothing work hard for you so it can be worn in multiple ways.

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