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Levi Strauss is a brand that has been synonymous with the words quality and durability since the early 1850’s and continues to do so. I wanted to share a range of silhouettes and key styles you need to know as well as tips for styling this American staple such as Levi’s this fall.


Levi’s 501 is a true staple jean every man should have in his closet for any time of the year. But if you are new to the Levi’s brand, let me help you get to the “bottom(s)” of things. On their website, they sum up an accurate description of why these jeans are loved so much:

Close your eyes. Think “jeans.” Now open. They were 501s®, right? With a classic straight leg and iconic styling, they’re literally the blueprint for every pair of jeans in existence — burned into the world’s collective cortex ever since Levi Strauss (the man himself!) invented them in 1873. To this day they’ve never gone out of style. And they never will.

Unlike skinny jeans, these Levi’s 501 have never left and are here to stay. I have had these jeans for years and the only reason for a new pair is that I grew a bit in length. But this fall, let’s go with the Levi’s 501 shrink-to-fit to change up a bit. We love rawdenim. I suggest washing them like any other pants after you wear them for a bit and they’ll stretch back out. You can also pair them with anything but I like to do a denim on denim look, chic and classic. Or try an oversized button down; look for thick flannels or something you can layer + Cool Sneakers = A++.

Note: You also can opt for the 505s which offer a bit of difference like more room in the thighs, zipper fly instead of button(S), and1 inch shorter rise compared to 501s

We know everyone loves their 501’s but sorry there is a new sheriff in town, Lovely to relax fit are the Black Levi’s 550 Relaxed denim, which have plenty of room in the seat and thighs. Guys, try styling these with a base layer like a tank top and for the outer layer try to continue with the theme and pair with a relaxed shirt. Black and brown are my favorite colors to sport in the fall. So play around with the color of the shirt, go for a brown camp shirt if it’s still warm or layer with a cardigan over a Wife Pleaser (It’s Time to Hang Up the Term ”Wife Beater”) and throw some brown boots like a trendy chelsea boot or vintage style like a cowboy boot. Add a bit of silver jewelry like a necklace + rings for sartorial flair.

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I was actually put onto these beauties and my personal favorites on the list  by Model + Influencer Ryan Winter… Introducing the 517 Bootcut Men’s Jeans.  Made in the 1969, they offer a nostalgic yet traditional vibe; a true boot cut, so they’re slimmer through the thigh. They flare out a little which makes them great for low cut boots or taller boots. And since it’s boot season, it most definitely a fall staple for me. Fit & proportion are important when styling a flared pant. Try pairing these with a moto jacket or crop shirt that hits the waist, let the pants do the talking and put on a boot with a bit of height. Comfortable or extravagant? These two aren’t mutually exclusive when talking about Men’s flares. These are fun and if you are looking to change up your look, go with these and they are an attention- grabber for sure!


At this point, we all know skinny jeans are out. 90’s and or baggy jeans are totally in right now! Yes, for women too! 

501’ 90s Original Women’s Jeans are definitely the best for a vintage look and yet be right on trend. This Mid-rise jean is meant to be worn lower on your hip or you can belt them. Size up in these if you want more of a relaxed fit or do your true size for more form fitting. I personally love them in Mad Love color. For styling them think of the best of Y2K or think chic button down and open toe heel look.


I’m a fashion editor, here’s how I’m styling ‘90s @Levi’s jeans #levis501 #liveinlevis

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“The Cheekiest Jean ” aka Wedgie Straight fit! Oh, these are straight but perfectly fitted through the hips so they don’t give you that big gap in the back (ladies, you know what I am talking about). They have a nice compression and high rise which a lot of women like. Great to pair with sneakers or do we call them tennis shoes? Ha, that’s a topic for another day but listen up:

I love to see a Woman in a nice pair of jeans, a flattering top and heels. I am always going to push a heel, maybe its the gay man in me.

And the last pair I want to touch on are the Baggy Dad Women’s Jeans.  There is something sexy about Women in Baggy Jeans cue Aaliayh. Pair with a hugging top in leather adds texture too to complement the jeans Or try an oversized layering look. The more layers the cooler the look in my opinion.


Now, I can already hear some of you saying… “ Well, Levi’s are expensive.”  But did you not hear me say “durability” meaning they will still be a great quality jean throughout time. Invest in yourself, friends. And you should know that Levi’s Strauss and Co. has opened their newest concept, Levis®NextGen, next to Lululemon at the Summit Birmingham. 

The elevated denim experience features a tailor shop for personalization, customizations, and interactive design; a reimagined fitting room and digital in-store tools that they used to educate me on the various fits and styles. Repair, alter, and customize your old favorites or something new now at The Summit Birmingham. #buybetterwearlonger

I was able to get myself a custom Trucker Jacket to be worn forever, wherever, whenever and iconic 501® Jeans! #liveinlevis The Levi’s® 501® Original proves that this legend never goes out of style. Crafted to fit a wide range sizes comfortably and stylishly.