April 17, 2023

A Man About Town: How to cultivate your personal style

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It’s that time of the year when standing in your closet filled with clothes yet you feel as though you have nothing to wear. We have all been there and out of all of the choices, nothing feels like you. The problem isn’t necessarily that you have nothing to wear, but that you have nothing you like to wear. This happens when you shop without your personal style in mind. And it can change with each season.

In last month’s column of Ask Randall, you asked for tips I use to master my personal style and now I want to take a deep dive into those tips so you, too, can develop and or improve your sense of style and train your eye.

Randall Porter

(Mary Fehr/Contributed)

Know Who You Are

Take a look at your closet and learn about who you are. Think about the clothes you have that make you happy. What are your favorite items in your closet? Pull these pieces out and think about why they make you feel good. Notice what they have in common. This is how you get to know who you are. 

Randall Porter

(Mary Fehr/Contributed)

Look For Inspiration

Look at how other people are doing it! It’s very simple. Spend time on social media, and observe how friends, celebrities, and influencers (aka me haha) dress, especially those you admire. Fashion magazines and blogs are full of style tips and inspiration. Learn about different style types, and identify the ones with which you most align.

Know What You Want To Accomplish

Once you’ve gathered your fashion inspiration, compile the images into a mood board—a great and fun way to work toward developing your personal style. Even if your inspiration feels all over the place, be sure that there is still an overarching theme you’re going for. Know the vibe you want to accomplish.  Choose a few images that showcase the aesthetic of your wardrobe goals.

*Organizational tip: Download the Pinterest app and create your own mood board. This is an easy way to have it with you at all times.

Randall Porter

(Mary Fehr/Contributed)

Hit The Goal

You might already have some of the items that are on your mood board in your closet. Keep the ones that make you feel great, and replace everything else with basics that really work for you. These items may be simple, but they will help you show off your unique style by providing a foundation for more exciting pieces. You can hit the goal look by creating a capsule wardrobe or a collection of basics that you can mix and match to create effortless looks.

Enjoy The Process

Once you’ve built your capsule collection, it’s time to add unique pieces to your wardrobe that show off your style personality. Start with bold accessories and pops of color and then work on mixing and matching prints and textures.

This might involve some experimentation, so remember that it’s okay if you change your mind. Personal style is all about playing with fashion to discover which clothes make you feel your best. Have some fun and, most importantly, trust the process. 

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