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Eric Velasco is a freelance writer based in Birmingham. He has written for local, regional and national publications for nearly four decades, and was a longtime contributor to Birmingham Magazine. When he’s not cooking, he’s eating.

Find the best fried catfish and coleslaw at Ezell’s Fish Camp

2021-05-17T11:05:46-05:00By |Food & Drink, News|

Walter Hall Jr. laughs when I probe for details about how catfish and other fresh seafood is fried at Ezell’s Fish Camp, his family’s decades-old restaurant by the Tombigbee River in Choctaw County’s Lavaca community. “Welllll,” says Hall, the third generation to run Ezell’s. “When I got those recipes passed down to me, it was like an act of Congress to get them. I was sworn to secrecy.”

The story of how Dreamland Bar-B-Que became famous for ribs

2021-05-03T11:51:31-05:00By |Food & Drink|

Legend has it that God came in a dream to Tuscaloosa brick mason John “Big Daddy” Bishop, telling him his destiny was to make barbecue for the masses. A hulking man who favored smoking a pipe, Big Daddy built a pit in his front yard on Jug Factory Road and started selling spareribs anointed in his special sauce to neighbors and others in the community.

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