Mastering the ratio of excitement to exercise, a contender in the workout space has arisen in the South. Battle Republic is a Birmingham-based boxing-inspired gym that is shaking up the fitness scene. The classes draw inspiration from the high-octane world of boxing, encapsulating that energy and bringing it to participants in a challenging 45-minute workout.

(Battle Republic/Facebook)

Battle Republic is the brainchild of four entrepreneurs from separate, but related fields—WNBA coaching and MMA training to name a couple. Battle offers a space for individuals to get an incredible workout with an amazing group of people. It is a simple formula: “great people + great playlists + great punches = Battle Republic.”

“Battle Republic is a boxing-inspired gym that combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and strength training for kickass results. With state-of-the-art technology and a DJ booth playing a killer playlist, Battle is for the people who want to put work in and have fun while doing it.”

Each 45-minute workout can be described as night club meets fight club. Set in a dark room accented with neon lights, fun playlists get participants pumped for their full-body workout. Each class consists of bag work, a great form of cardio, along with body weight movements and kettlebell movements to ensure attendees focus on strength work.

(Battle Republic/Contributed)

Battle Republic has successfully created an inclusive space run by inspiring individuals that encourage every attendee to reach beyond their known limits to find a greater strength within. Battle offers a Battle Basics class for those interested in learning the basics in preparation for their first full-intensity round.

Battle Republic takes a holistic approach by focusing not only on the body but the mind and soul as well. Each class is intended to create a space for honoring the body while nourishing the mind and soul through connection and shared experience with others. Attendees are invited to listen to their bodies and move at their own pace.

“At Battle, we want you to come as you are! We want to remind you of the badass that you are created to be and that you are always worth fighting for!”

At Battle, it is important to remember you never have to battle alone. In each class, participants have a group of people who will come beside them to help them be their best selves both physically and mentally. Battle Republic’s ultimate goal is to create the next generation of fighters in Birmingham. They offer a free first class to get started.