Rebecca and Jason Dickey hope to change how people along the busy U.S. 280 corridor pick up sweets for work, school, or home. Their newest location of Crumbl Cookies, in Greystone, has a drive-through window.

“It’s our first with a drive-through,” Rebecca Dickey says as she prepares for the grand opening on Friday, December 15, in a storefront near the intersection of U.S. 280 and Alabama 119. “This is a perfect road to have one.”

The Dickeys, who also own Crumbl stores in Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, and Alabaster, will celebrate their fourth by giving a free cookie to anyone who walks through the door at Greystone that day. The owners also will hold a raffle there, with free cookies for a year as the prize.

The stores are open 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m.-midnight on Friday and Saturday. Curbside pickup and delivery also are available.

Everything at Crumbl is made from scratch in a kitchen that is fully visible from the ordering counter. Each store makes up to 1,000 cookies daily.

The open kitchen has been a distinguishing feature at Crumbl since 2017 when two cousins opened the original store in Utah. Today, there are more than 900 franchise locations in all 50 states, including 15 in Alabama.

Making Crumbl cookies is a three-step process – mixing and chilling the dough, baking, and decorating the individual cookies. Some are served warm, and others chilled. The latter can be warmed upon request.

Crumbl offers six flavors at a time. The signature Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk cookie is always on the menu. The other five rotate weekly, including a “mystery cookie.”

Over the course of the year, each store will produce 300 different flavors, Dickey says. The week’s cookies are listed on Crumbl’s website.

Recently the lineup included:

  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk is the company’s original flavor. As chocolatey as the name suggests, it is sprinkled with sea salt and served warm.
  • Black Forest Cake cookie, topped with cherry sauce, whipped cream, semi-sweet chocolate ganache, chocolate shavings, and a maraschino cherry. It is served chilled.
  • Wonka’s Wildly Wonderful Red Velvety cookie stacks two red velvet cookies with a layer of cream cheese frosting and rainbow-colored chips nestled between. Embossed with a gold “W,” it’s also served chilled.
  • Ultimate Peanut Butter has peanut butter in the cookie dough and is stuffed with more peanut butter before it’s rolled in sugar. The baked cookie is finished with a drizzle of melted peanut butter and served warm.
  • Chocolate Crumb is made with crumbled Oreo cookies in the batter and is topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting with more Oreo crumbles. It is served warm.
  • Pink sugar cookie, which appears frequently and is served chilled, was the mystery offering.

Dickey says she tried her first Crumbl cookie in her hometown of Murfreesboro, Tenn. “I was looking for something to get involved in, and walked into this lovely concept,” she says.

Jason Dickey’s family is from the Birmingham area, providing a natural base for the business as well. They opened their first location in mid-2021 on Montgomery Highway in Vestavia Hills.

After a decade of living here, ties run deep. In addition to the family’s franchises (a daughter, Allie, also works with her parents), two of the Dickeys’ four children attend Samford University.

Separately-owned Crumbl Cookie franchises in Alabama also are in Auburn, Daphne, Decatur, Dothan, Gulf Shores, Jones Valley, Madison, McCalla, Oxford, Spring Hill, and Zelda.