In the South, we see the same pattern every year around March. People are over the cold rainy days of winter and are eager to welcome spring. Springtime means more time spent outside on walks, picnics in your favorite park, farmers markets and outdoor concerts, and so on. I always knew springtime was coming when my grandmother’s dining table was set with fresh-cut flowers from her garden. A vase of hydrangeas, tulips, or dahlias is like the cherry on top of a beautiful southern kitchen.

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When Arely Kloss moved to the United States and married her husband David, she was always gardening. Her pots overflowed with every vegetable and flower seed she could make room for. “I was always taking what I had grown in my garden to coworkers and friends,” said Kloss, “so the farm was never intentional; people just always wanted more flowers, so I kept planting.” From the love of flowers, Circles of Colors was born.

For Kloss, Circles of Colors is a lifelong passion turned accidental business turned everyday blessing.

Circles of Colors, a you-pick flower farm in Notasulga, Alabama, sits on an old working farm with barns, silos, and a country store straight from the good ole days. Left behind tractor tires cover the back fields and make the perfect barrier for Kloss’s secret garden.

“Since becoming a flower farmer, I learn many lessons every day,” said Kloss, “I am the most impatient farmer you have ever met, so I have had to learn patience. I cannot wait to see how the flowers look when they bloom.”

Kloss says running a flower farm is just like running any other farm. She can plan and do the best she can, but nature and God are the ones that have control. “I can give it my best, and that’s all I can do,” said Kloss.

(Circles of Colors/Contributed)

Something unique about their farm is they do not use any harmful chemicals on their flowers. Kloss’s farming’s organic and clean nature allows kids to be hands-on and parents to be carefree. For the love of her community, Kloss makes Circles of Colors a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

For the love of the farm, Kloss continues to grow her relationships in the flower community, the farm’s programs and infrastructure, and of course, flowers. Right now, Circles of Colors is just a you-pick farm open for you to come out with your friends and families to pick from her colorful selection of dahlias, zinnias, sunflowers, seasonal lavender, lilies, and countless other flowers, including a southern favorite, crinum lilies.

But Kloss hopes to open up Circles of Colors soon for fun events like birthday parties, kid’s days, and time to spend in her treasured secret garden.

Suppose you have plenty of beautiful flowers in your garden but still want to support this Alabama business. In that case, Kloss also makes unique bracelets and necklaces. She started making these “circles of colors” for a humane society fundraiser and now sells them at her farm and other local events.

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