Alabama has been a part of a number of innovative initiatives over the last several years. Utilizing new technology for the improvement of homes and neighborhoods is one of these initiatives. Alabama Power now offers Smart Neighborhoods with a variety of impressive innovative features that utilize new technology to make living simultaneously more connected and more sustainable.

Three of the current Alabama Power smart neighborhoods serve as great examples of the new features available to current and future homeowners. Cedar Rock Farms in Leeds, Live on 1st in Birmingham, and Camellia Crossing in Valley are smart neighborhoods that are taking full advantage of the move toward energy-efficient living.

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According to Cedar Rock Farms, “Smart Neighborhood homes are built with the homeowner’s peace of mind in mind. Outfitted with smart systems, they provide a compatible network to help you manage and control various aspects of your home. From security monitoring to light and garage door control to setting your thermostat, you feel connected and in control no matter where you are, at home or while away.”

The homes are considered high performing and are designed to consider energy efficiency beyond the current housing standard. A few of the features found in Cedar Rock homes specifically are energy-efficient appliances, heat pumps, and water heaters as well as more effective insulation methods. Many, if not all, of the smart home elements can be controlled via mobile devices. Security features are among the most enticing as smart homes allow full access to security systems that can be easily monitored on the go.

While smart neighborhoods include a range of enhanced technological features, there is no need for the homeowner to sacrifice their own personal style or taste. Smart homes, such as those in a community like Cedar Rock, boast near full customization alongside enviable finishes.

Birmingham’s Live on 1st is a “first-of-its-kind urban revitalization and innovation project.” A community of modular living spaces, Live on 1st predicts an annual savings of approximately $900/year from energy-efficient lighting and appliances alone. The community values safety and utilizes industry-tested security systems for peace of mind. With its location in close proximity to downtown, residents working in the city can expect lower costs and less frequent car maintenance.

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Camellia Crossing in Valley has similar features to both Cedar Rock Farms and Live on 1st and offers a range of lot sizes and luxury options. Camellia Crossing aims to offer “commercial spaces, shops, dining, and recreational green spaces” with the aim of creating a true community feel. The home finishes can be fully customized offering future residents the ability to keep their own style in mind when making the transition to a smart home.

The move toward smart living and smart neighborhoods is an encouraging step toward energy efficiency, safety, convenience, and lowered annual expenses. With a number of partners working together throughout Alabama to establish these communities, Alabamians can rest assured that they will have the opportunity to live in energy-efficient smart communities throughout the state.