The University of Alabama is a well-known academic powerhouse in the state of Alabama. Many of the greatest minds in the state have studied at the University and found successful careers in their fields after graduation. Although the University has a range of academic accomplishments to hang its hat on, arguably the most valuable resource students receive is the development of real-life skills that will serve them as they enter their careers.

The University utilizes what is known as high-impact teaching. The goal of high-impact teaching is to provide students with direct experience of the issues that may arise in their career through field-based learning. This allows students to take their classroom knowledge into real-world settings. Students are encouraged to assess their service experience findings and bring their reflections with them into the workforce.

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The University’s research, sponsored activity and instructional efforts have led to a range of developments across local industries in the state, and the University’s economic impact cannot be understated. Through various industry partners, the University is able to connect students with many unique experiential learning opportunities that will prepare them to be successful in their fields. With access to these opportunities, students develop a wider breadth of knowledge and are given a deeper understanding of the work they will be a part of.

Through a number of community-focused initiatives, students are primed to effectively serve not only themselves but their communities. The University’s outreach efforts and public service programs are the main vehicle through which this impact occurs. Through opportunities provided by these programs, invaluable critical thinking ability is developed within students as they put manpower behind the school’s mission.

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It is through this effort that students are encouraged to utilize their productivity and concern for the community to make a tangible impact, and it is this impact that will continue to encourage such works on behalf of the students now and in the future. These opportunities foster the sense of personal and community responsibility needed for students to continue to pursue meaningful ways of giving back to their local communities once securely in their field of choice.

University of Alabama students go on to utilize their valuable experiences by making forward progress within their various job sectors. The positive impact they are able to make through the resources provided by the University is unmatched throughout the region. Through thoughtful curation of a range of enriching opportunities, the University’s ultimate hope is to “transform the landscape of both Alabama and the world around us.”