Founded in the heart of Birmingham, the legendary establishment, Full Moon BBQ, stands as one of Alabama’s most-loved bar-b-que joints. Here, a long and delicious history of excellent Southern-style ‘que is made in the time-honored, traditional way – with quality meats cooked low and slow over a hickory wood-fired pit and spiced with mouthwatering, award-winning bar-b-que sauce. With roots tracing back to 1986, it’s not just a place to savor award-winning bar-b-que; it’s a cherished part of Alabama’s culinary tapestry and a beacon of true Southern hospitality.

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A Family Legacy

Led by the Maluff brothers, David and Joe, Full Moon BBQ is a testament to their dedication to preserving a family-owned tradition. Growing up immersed in the food business, the brothers inherited a love for quality meats and authentic flavors from their Lebanese heritage. “Our heritage is not just a part of our story—it’s the very essence of Full Moon BBQ,” expressed David, reflecting on the influence of their upbringing. “It’s what fuels our passion for this craft and drives us to share it with others.”

In 1997, destiny led the Maluffs to Full Moon BBQ, a humble cinder block building nestled on 25th Street in Southside, Birmingham. Taking the reins from former Alabama Crimson Tide assistant football coach Pat James and his wife, Eloise, who established the eatery in 1986, the Maluff brothers infused their passion for exceptional BBQ into the establishment. They remained steadfast in honoring the restaurant’s legacy, preserving beloved classics like the barbecue turkey sandwiches that had become local favorites.

Under the Maluff’s commitment to vision, leadership, and quality, Full Moon BBQ has grown to 16 flourishing locations spanning Alabama and Mississippi. Despite its expansive growth, Full Moon BBQ remains deeply rooted in its core values and continues to pour its heart into each community it serves, valuing every customer and employee as an integral part of its extended family.

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A Menu Steeped in Tradition with Southern Flavors

What sets Full Moon BBQ apart isn’t just its dedication to quality meats cooked low and slow; it’s the commitment to using fresh ingredients that elevate every dish. From their acclaimed lineup of sauces and famous Chow-Chow to the irresistible Half Moon cookies baked fresh daily, every bite is a celebration of Southern flavors.

Full Moon BBQ’s savory Alabama White Sauce is creamy and smooth with an unexpected bold flavor. If you prefer a more classic Bar-B-Que feel, you can’t go wrong with their award-winning BBQ Sauce that’s tangy with a hint of sweet heat. Both sauces pair perfectly with chicken and pork or drizzled over your favorite grilled vegetables or salad.

Their famous Chow-Chow, a crunchy relish bursting with flavor, has become a Southern kitchen staple. Made with fresh, organic ingredients, it brings a zing of vibrant taste and is a beloved addition to any BBQ plate.

And let’s not forget the Half Moon Cookies, handcrafted with southern pecans and decadent chocolate chips. Crisp from the oven, these cookies are dipped in rich, melted milk chocolate, earning accolades such as a spot on the “100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die” and Taste of the South magazine’s “Best Homemade Cookies Delivered to Your Door.”

At the same time, Full Moon BBQ satisfies a variety of tastes with fresh salads, hand-breaded chicken tenders, farm-raised catfish, vinegar-based slaw, buffalo-style wings, and overstuffed baked potatoes.

Is your mouth watering yet? Us too.

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A Community Connection

Full Moon BBQ prides itself on being a partner in creating community and cherished memories. With 16 locations across Alabama and Mississippi, Full Moon BBQ has become a beloved gathering spot for locals and visitors alike. Whether you dine in, grab it to go, or opt for their catering services, Full Moon BBQ ensures you leave with a satisfied belly and a heart warmed by Southern hospitality. “Community is at the heart of everything we do,” shared Joe. “From our beginnings to where we are now, it’s the people who make Full Moon BBQ what it is. We’re grateful to be a part of these communities and to share in the joy of great food and good company.”

Beyond their delicious BBQ, Full Moon BBQ is deeply committed to giving back to the community. Their annual ‘Backpack Blessings’ initiative, now upcoming on its fifth year, aims to help underprivileged children have access to nutritious meals, school supplies, and a brighter future. Through this program and others like the ‘Feed A Friend’ campaign, Full Moon BBQ has positively impacted the lives of over 2,500 families in need.

Full Moon BBQ is also actively involved in providing meals and support to Veterans, the Make-AWish Alabama program, and giving back to colleges and students across Alabama including the University of Alabama, Auburn University, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. With each meal served and every initiative supported, Full Moon BBQ’s legacy of community connection and generosity continues to grow, making them a cornerstone of Southern goodwill and hospitality.

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The Maluff brothers’ vision and commitment to excellence have transformed Full Moon BBQ into more than just a place to eat—it’s a taste and testament to the tradition of Southern cuisine. Whether you’re a local regular or a first-time visitor, you’re sure to leave with a full stomach and a sense of belonging. The next time you’re craving authentic Southern flavors, be it smoky ribs or tender pulled pork, be sure to stop by Full Moon BBQ, the “Best Little Pork House in Alabama,” for a true taste of the South.

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