Birmingham’s Atomic Lounge is a bar, to be sure. There are drinks with fun names and fine booze with regulars destressing and unwinding. And if that was all Atomic Lounge is, that just might be enough.

But Atomic Lounge is really an experience and the bar is a component of that experience.

Husband and wife owners Feizal Valli and Rachael Roberts have created the experience and are hopeful it will return to its full force after the pandemic. That force is one that has earned Atomic Lounge a semifinalist nomination for Outstanding Bar Program by the James Beard Awards three years in a row.

Valli and Roberts sat down with Á la Carte Alabama for Alabama NewsCenter to talk about what makes Atomic Lounge more than just a bar.

Birmingham’s Atomic Lounge is more than just a bar from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

(Courtesy of Alabama NewsCenter)