(Tess Randle Jolly/Alabama Black Belt Adventures)

The state of Alabama offers an array of outdoor adventures and opportunities to make memories that will last a lifetime. At the top of the list for most of those outdoor enthusiasts is hunting. Hunting in the state of Alabama isn’t just a hobby, but a way of life—a tradition passed down from generation to generation. On any given day, you could walk out into the Alabama wilderness and hunt a variety of species.

If you spend any time researching hunting in the state of Alabama, you will quickly discover the famed Black Belt region that spans across 23 counties from the Mississippi to Georgia borders. The dark black soil found in this region is where the name is derived. The soil has an abundance of nutrients and minerals that enables the wildlife to flourish in this region. In addition to the soil, the habitat is vast and varies drastically throughout the region.

For me personally, my childhood memories of deer hunting revolved around the Blackbelt Region. We would load up on Friday afternoon and come back on Sunday night. We would stay at our house in the heart of Uniontown, dine at our favorite restaurant in Faunsdale and drink the best chocolate malts on this side of the Mississippi. In fact, I harvested my first buck and doe in the same day at our hunting club in the Black Belt. The 8-point buck still hangs on my wall today as a reminder of one of my most cherished memories of my Great Uncle Fred.

For those avid deer hunters who travel to the Midwest to hunt the whitetail rut in November due to the action-packed deer activity, you may want to consider making plans to hunt the rut in Alabama later in the season. Depending on what part of the region you decide to hunt, the rut could range from late December all the way to early February. The state produces an Alabama whitetail rut map to help you plan where to hunt at what time of the year for peak rut activity.

(Steve Pinkston/Contributed)

Though deer hunting is a big draw for most, this region of Alabama offers some of the most diverse habitat, which makes it conducive for other types of hunting and world class fishing for the best of anglers. Spring mornings are filled with roosted toms sounding off to their delighted mates, while the afternoon’s catch could bring in a trophy bass or monster catfish. The warm summer days can be spent cruising a variety of lakes and rivers by boat, kayak or whitewater rafts. As the nights cool, you could be chasing alligators in the swamplands or thermal hunting for wild boars or coyotes.

If you want to make this a family trip, the region has you covered. You can stay in picturesque 5-star southern lodges with top chefs preparing every meal or you could camp in some of the most beautiful habitats the state has to offer. Activities are endless. Aside from hunting and fishing, you can find hiking, mountain biking, golfing, rafting, cycling, zip lining, bird watching and similar adventures throughout the Black Belt region.

If you want to stretch your budget further, the state has public lands, campsites, parks and waterways scattered throughout this region available to you at minimal or no cost. For those desiring a more tailored or upscale experience, there are numerous outfitters, guides, clubs and lodges who would be delighted to make your trip one for the memory books. We hope to see you soon in the Black Belt region of Sweet Home Alabama!

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