Tucked away on the second floor of a historic Forest Park home is a bright and welcoming yoga studio that seeks to provide students with mindful instruction and inner awareness.

Kind Roots Yoga is a space “created for magical humans,” and the goal was, and is, to create an environment where both new and skilled students can feel at ease.

(Kind Roots Yoga/Contributed)

“Our objective is to provide a space where yogis can root down and grow in their practice,” says Hayley Holdridge, who manages the Kind Roots studio. “Our studio is full of local art, thriving plants, and loving humans, creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and homey so that students can step onto their mats with steadiness and ease.”

Holdridge believes that stereotypes about yoga should be challenged– including what the practice looks like, and who should try it. “We believe that yoga is for everybody, regardless of physical or mental ‘ability.’ Yoga is a complex and intricate tradition that covers more than just downward dog and chaturanga– it’s really a practice that is for anyone looking to better understand their own body, mind, and soul.”

The studio offers classes in various vinyasa style flows, yin, acro, and restorative yoga. Their instructors all bring their own unique strengths and specialties to the studio space to provide a well-rounded selection of classes.

“Kind Roots values many healing modalities, including specialized massage therapy, reiki, and ‘Palm and Soul,’ our original reflexology and energy work session,” describes Holdridge. “We are a collective of passionate teachers and skilled healers who provide a safe space for the body and mind to relax and unwind.”

(Kind Roots Yoga/Contributed)

Through all of these classes and offerings, the studio aims to provide students with the tools and instruction they need to become mindful yogis, with the primary intention of spreading kindness. 

Looking to immerse yourself in a full weekend of yoga practice? Kind Roots offers twice-yearly women’s retreats, with an upcoming retreat planned for February 16th-19th. The retreat is titled ”Dream Walker, an invitation from your intuition,” and will be hosted in Morganton, GA. 

Kind Roots also hosts eight yearly free gatherings that follow the Celtic Wheel of the Year (sabbats), the next of which is on February 1st. 

There are truly a boundless number of choices for both the new and practiced yogi throughout the year: “the studio offers workshops, sound baths, and more opportunities to connect to your yoga journey, and grow within your community,” says Holdridge.

For more information on classes, instructors, and upcoming events, visit Kind Roots Yoga’s website at https://www.kindrootsyoga.com/