This month saw an exciting new opening in the charming bayside town of Daphne, Alabama. Press & Co is a locally-owned organic coldpress juicery and eatery that has made its home in the heart of Olde Towne Daphne.

According to Press & Co, their mission is “to bring convenient access to healthy superfoods, beverages, and products. We strive to impact the community by creating a gathering place for health, love, and happiness.”

Owner Kimberly Cox is a resident of Daphne, and it is her fascinating health journey that led to the creation of Press & Co.

Kimberly’s Story

“Years ago, Kimberly embarked on a health journey because she was tired of not feeling like herself. After visiting with numerous medical professionals who all seemed to believe everything was “just fine,’ she elected to take matters into her own hands. She educated herself on all things health and wellness through books, podcasts, conferences and befriending knowledgeable people on social media. As a result of her efforts, she has not only cured what ailed her though nutrition, but has also impacted countless others by educating and inspiring them.

(Jennie Tewell/Contributed)

When Kimberly travels with her family, her favorite thing to do is to seek out fantastic healthy places to eat since there are aren’t many options in our hometown. These experiences planted the desire in her heart to cultivate a place like this in her own community. About 18 months ago, she made up her mind to go for it and started designing the Press & Co. building up the street from the Cox family home, their children’s school, and next to the 68 Ventures office (owned by her husband Nathan Cox).

From there, she figured things out as she went. She assembled a rock star leadership team and then got out of their way to let them do what they do.”

The incredible team consists of Kimberly as owner, Cox and Alex Pikul as operating partners, and Hunter Harris as executive chef. The team’s commitment to making the new local establishment a success is truly inspiring. Here is what they have to say about their exciting new venture:

Hear From the Team

Alex Pikul, Operating Partner
“What I love about Press & Co. is the people that make up our team. They saw that we take a different approach to employee experience compared to most restaurants, and they are bought in on our purpose and culture. That’s made it a lot of fun, seeing how the team has come together around it.”

(Jennie Tewell/Contributed)

Kimberly Cox, Owner
“When I started this journey, I knew I wanted to add something valuable to the community that we didn’t have at the time:  a convenient, local option for healthy food and beverages that can be enjoyed with loved ones in a restorative atmosphere. Now that the opening day has come and gone and we are welcoming new faces into the restaurant every day, I am so humbled at the support the community has provided.

I am blown away by the success of this venture that was once just a far-off idea, and I’m so grateful that we have been able to fulfill what has clearly been a need in our area for a long time.”

Hunter Harris, Executive Chef
“It’s meant the world to me to be trusted in creating a delicious and healthy menu. I’ve been really surprised about how much the Daphne community has supported us and the need for healthy food in our community. It feels good to be part of the change in our community, working to change the common attitude that ‘healthy foods don’t taste good’. An amazing part about Press & Co. is the community within community we’re creating.

Walking out of the kitchen and seeing different groups of people meeting, talking and eating together is an awesome thing to be a part of. Working with Alex and Kimberly has been a blessing, as I have been wanting to take the next step professionally when it comes to setting up and developing a restaurant. They have been great mentors that always have my back, listen to me, genuinely care about me and the rest of our awesome employees, and they are really creating something special.”

For more on Press & Co, visit their website here.