Singing River Trail is a 200+ mile greenway initiative that seeks to “strengthen regional bonds, and creates new health and wellness, educational, economic, tourism, and entrepreneurial opportunities for the people and communities of North Alabama.” Having seen incredible success over a number of years, they continue to gain momentum in their efforts toward small-town enhancement in North Alabama.

Recent Funding

In an exciting development, Singing River Trail just announced that Courtland, Town Creek, and Leighton have received $4.1 million in funding. This funding will go toward projects in each of the three areas. SRT has designated these as “Try Towns” on account of the effort poured into the towns by their respective mayors and community members.

In Leighton, a loop from downtown to Fennel Park will be developed with a walking trail. Town Creek will be connected to the trail alongside the revitalization of Main Street. In Courtland, the trail will run from Roy Coffee Ballpark to downtown and Big Nance Creek. These three projects are vital to SRT, as the future Singing River Trail will connect all three.

Projects such as these are critical for “Try Towns” as their impact goes beyond construction and development. The time and effort put into these projects instill a deeper sense of community and care that gives residents a reason to come together and work toward other forms of development—both social and economic. It allows communities to develop a renewed sense of excitement for the place that they call home.

Community and Connection

Singing River Trail also connects North Alabama communities through events. Beholding Wonder is an upcoming event happening July 20th at Singing River Trail’s headquarters in Mooresville. The event invites attendees to come together and experience a culmination of nature, mindfulness, and creativity. Attendees can expect a relaxing and grounding experience. The event will be an exploration of nature through expressive writing, nature journaling, art making, and poetry intended to cultivate a sense of wonder.

(Singing River Traill/Contributed)

All supplies will be provided and treats will be available for snacking. The workshop will be hosted by Stacey Hayes, MA, MPA, LCMHC, owner of Soulful Seasons. She is a licensed therapist who holds specialties in creative arts and nature-based therapy. The mission of Soulful Seasons is to “inspire us to nurture ourselves and nature with creativity and compassion.” Click here to sign up for the event.