The evolution of technology has been responsible for solving a myriad of problems across industries. One of these recent developments comes out of Foley, Alabama through the company SoilKit.

CEO, Christina Woerner McInnis (SoilKit/Facebook)

According to the SoilKit site, SoilKit truly began over 100 years ago through the Woerner Family. The family had an honest interest in becoming successful in their industry and they poured their focus into creating a soil of near-perfect composition for healthy crops. They achieved this by years of testing to determine changes needed to improve growth. They later became a top U.S. sod producer. It was through the Woerner’s careful work that the U.S. Department of Agriculture landed on their recommendation for annual testing of lawns across the country with the hope of seeing increased growth and keeping fertilizer application at environment-safe levels.

It was from a childhood spent on the Woerner family farm that SoilKit founder and CEO, Christina McInnis, developed a passion for the industry. As she spent time with her grandmother amongst other gardeners, she saw many fellow gardeners’ discontent with the result of their labor. She found one key component was missing from the strategy of many lawn and garden owners: soil testing. Having grown up on the Woerner farm, she was very familiar with the practice, but it was not common knowledge among others.


While Christina attempted to share with others this practice, she identified another issue. Soil testing was a new practice for many and could be considered too time-intensive and confusing. She wanted to create something that would make this vital process simple and accessible to the average lawn owner or gardener. So, she created SoilKit.

To put it simply, “SoilKit provides all the supplies needed for a quick and easy soil sample. Your soil will be tested by one of the nation’s leading agricultural labs. We process the lab report and provide easy-to-understand results with soil treatment recommendations to keep your lawn and garden healthy.” A simple solution to a gardener’s previously complicated problem, SoilKit is the perfect remedy for the ails of lawn and garden owners throughout the country.

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