The University of Alabama's Presidents Mansion


The University of Alabama's President's Mansion

(Anna Kathryn Fitch/Contributed)

Well-known throughout the country for its fan-favorite football program, The University of Alabama is an increasingly well-loved university in Tuscaloosa, Alabama steeped with history. The campus takes on a new life in springtime, with thousands of flower blooms alongside tastefully crafted landscaping, proving  a picturesque location to be enjoyed by students, visitors and alumni.

Over the years, the University has made a dedicated effort to the beautification of campus. By curating a mindful blend of foliage that complements the strength and stature of the surrounding Gothic architecture, the campus has become more vibrant in recent years. University buildings sit upon fields of green and sorority and fraternity houses are framed perfectly by trees of all kinds. Residence halls are accentuated by full flower beds and Bryant-Denny Stadium faces a perfectly manicured front lawn.

The University of Alabama's Woods Quad Sculpture Garden

(Anna Kathryn Fitch/Contributed)

From sculpture gardens to natural springs, the campus offers several places of respite and natural beauty for students and visitors. Take the Woods Quad Sculpture Garden, for example. The garden offers plenty of perfect spots for relaxing, reading and catching up beneath the towering sculptures and historic architecture. Visitors are invited to take a walk through the garden and appreciate each of the unique modern art pieces or simply sit back and take a seat underneath the trees. With sculptures featuring work by faculty and students the garden symbolizes not only beauty but the power of community.

The University of Alabama's Marrs Spring

(Anna Kathryn Fitch/Contributed)

The Marrs Spring, a historical landmark of the University, is another hidden gem that makes for a peaceful hideaway. With fresh foliage and a still spring, it proves the perfect spot to wind down and enjoy a wonderful background for an afternoon spent reading or relaxing. This spot tempts those who visit to take a moment to step back and breathe in the natural beauty around them. The location has a long history dating back to its opening in 1831 when Marrs Spring played a vital role as the main water source for the University prior to the establishment of modern methods.

Many areas of campus maintain extensive historical significance while offering a place for quiet and reflection. Each has its own unique story to tell across the University’s campus. It is clear, whether it’s a morning spent walking around, enjoying the spring breeze or an afternoon spent surrounded by art and architecture, The University of Alabama is an enticing springtime destination for students, alumni and visitors alike.