There are many advantages to buying beef in bulk, such as cost savings, meal planning ease, quality, keeping your money in the local community and knowing your producer.

Freezer beef can be a confusing term for many people. Freezer beef is often considered beef that is bought in bulk as whole, half, or quarter of the animal. Many producers often sell smaller quantities for those last-minute dinner plans.

Though the upfront price may be an investment you’re not used to, there are many ways you save by buying meat in bulk. Saving on grocery store trips and meal prep time are two major advantages in the end – and for a higher quality product. Additionally, you know where your hard-earned money is going. You can watch your money help the local economy instead of turning hands repeatedly at a corporate level.

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When asked about the benefits of buying beef from a local farmer, Ryan Cox of Cox Cattle & Produce in Thorsby said, “We feel that the purchase of beef locally ensures your money stays local. Money spent locally tends to stay in the community versus going to a corporation/chain type business. It goes to people you work with, go to church with and your kids go to school with.”

When you buy from a local cattle producer you can be sure you’re getting a higher quality product than from the grocery store. Consumers have the chance to put a face with the grower, ask questions about their farming practices and potentially see the animals before harvest.

“We’ve also been seeing more and more people who want to know where and more importantly how their food is raised,” Cox said. “When you have that direct relationship with your farmer you can ask those questions without having to second guess anything.”

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Finding local beef doesn’t have to be difficult. Our online searchable database makes locating cattle farmers in your area a breeze! Just visit and under the “Find Sweet Grown” tab type in your zip code or the product “beef” and a list will populate of Sweet Grown Alabama farmers in your area that are ready to sell you local meat!

Many local cattle producers have gained a strong social media presence. Once you make those relationships with farmers, be sure to follow them on social media to keep up with the goings on at the farm! Posts usually include facts about raising cattle, what they may feed them and why, as well as when they have more beef available for purchase.

“Most of our current customer base is through repeat customers, customer referrals and of course social media,” Cox said. “My wife Cason maintains our social platforms and does a fine job of letting people get a glimpse into what it’s like raising cattle and produce here in Chilton County.”

If you are a first-time buyer, be sure to ask your supplier questions and let them advise you on your beef decisions. Let Alabama farmers and ranchers feed your family today.

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