Golf enthusiasts, players, and spectators will gather at Vestavia Hills’ Old Overton Club on May 20th to rally behind an important cause.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama (BCRFA) will hold its 29th Drive-Out Breast Cancer Golf Tournament on the Old Overton Club’s world-class golf course. The event is the longest-running for the BCRFA, which was founded nearly 30 years ago to fund and expand breast cancer research in Alabama.

BCRFA co-founders Bruce Sokol and Dolly O’Neal (BCRFA/Contributed)

The BCRFA began as a gem of an idea in December of 1995, by two Alabamians whose lives had been forever altered by breast cancer. Dolly O’Neal, a breast cancer survivor, and Bruce Sokol, whose wife was undergoing breast cancer treatment at UAB, together had a fervent desire to do everything in their power to fight the disease. 

With gratitude for previous treatment options as well as an ignited hope for future developments, they founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama the following year. Together they hosted their first fundraiser, the Drive-Out Breast Cancer Golf Tournament; the inaugural event was an immense success and raised $68,000 to fuel advances in breast cancer treatment. 

Since then, thanks to generous community support, the BCRFA has raised over $15 million in life-saving research.

“We have so much to celebrate, and so many memorable ‘wins’ along the way,” says Beth Davis, President and CEO of BCRFA. “We are raising funds to promote a comprehensive approach to battling breast cancer by promoting innovative research to help diagnose, treat, prevent, and eradicate the disease. All funding stays in Alabama, but the impact is worldwide.”

The golf tournament is a highly-anticipated event for the BCRFA because of its continued success; for nearly three decades, golfers and golf enthusiasts have gathered to support the BCRFA’s mission. 


“It’s inspiring to see such steadfast support for a cause that affects 1 in 8 women and 1 in 833 men in their lifetime,” says Davis. “Many of our golfers participate year after year, and some are even still involved from the inaugural event.”

The event draws in both corporate sponsors as well as individuals and families who are passionate about the cause. The tournament expects to host around 100 men and women for a day of friendly competition and community engagement. 

In addition to the fundraising, the tournament acts as a day of remembrance for participants—to simultaneously reflect on the past while maintaining optimism for the future.


“It’s not just a fundraising event – it’s a beacon of hope,” says Davis. “This event serves as a powerful reminder of the founder’s original goal to raise funds for breast cancer research in Alabama, and it continues to inspire hope and support for those who have been impacted by breast cancer.”

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