The advent of the Airbnb concept has redefined travel for many. Previously, travel could be experienced in a very limited number of ways—hotels, resorts, friends’ homes. Airbnb has given travelers the ability to experience trips in a way that adds a distinct layer of depth and understanding of the area. By being given the option to stay in homes within the community, the experience of the traveler becomes increasingly novel.

Alabama boasts a number of interesting and unique Airbnbs throughout the state, and we have put together a list of three must-visit spots.

Wanderlust Treehouse (Crane Hill)

(Firefly Treehouses/Facebook)

The Wanderlust Treehouse in Crane Hill sits on 40 acres of private property. With a beautifully designed, intentional build, the treehouse is the ideal space for those with an affinity for design that honors nature and its forms. The property is home to nature trails and a lake spanning two acres. This spot proves the perfect retreat from everyday routine. Guests are encouraged to spend their time on the property to fully relax, unwind, and reconnect with nature. Often used for couple and spiritual retreats, this treehouse is the perfect antidote to the strain of city life.

Storybook Castle (Fairhope)

(Fairhope Castles/Facebook)

A true escape from reality, the ever-whimsical Sheldon Castle in Fairhope is one of Alabama’s most popular Airbnbs. The castle is on the Baldwin County historic home registry and is one of Fairhope’s Storybook Castles. The structure was built in 1946 by the Sheldons. The original purpose of the castle was to be a workspace for the family, but the property was quickly reimagined as a home. Found on a side street near downtown Fairhope, the castle proves a convenient escape. Mosher Castle, equipped with both a dragon and moat, sits next to Sheldon Castle, and travelers are given the opportunity to explore both properties during their stay.

Hobbit House (Attalla)

(Nomad’s Land/Facebook)

If either of our previous options feels a bit too tame, the Hobbit House is sure to deliver a unique, immersive experience for curious travelers. A Lord of the Rings fan’s dream, the Hobbit House in Attalla is one of a kind. The house is part of Nomad’s Land and can be found within the gardens shared by the community. The property features a living roof and a wall constructed of bottles that create beautiful shapes and colors via the sunlight that streams through them. The structure is made of wooden beams sourced from the surrounding woods. The entirety of the home has been constructed with impeccable attention to detail.