Tuscaloosa’s restaurant scene has been evolving and three recent additions have locals excited to try something new. Meet Tuscaloosa’s newest restaurants.


(Brown’s Corner Tuscaloosa/Facebook)

Brown’s Corner

2325 University Blvd Suite 3

Brown’s Corner, owned by Half Shell Oyster House, is located on their second floor. The speakeasy-inspired lounge is both a restaurant and bar featuring a diverse menu. As it’s still a part of Half Shell, there is a large seafood presence on the menu including tuna pokè, scallops, and lobster. If seafood is not your scene, they also offer chicken, burgers, and other tasty options to choose from. While Brown’s Corner offers an immense drink menu, their main focus is their old-fashioned. There are four signature options and the ability to craft your own by selecting which liquor, bitters and sweetener you would like. Guests also have the option to have their old-fashioned hickory smoked table-side. If it is not your drink of choice, Brown’s Corner offers several different wines, martinis, bourbons, and cocktails.


(The Deli Press/Facebook)

The Deli Press

312 Merchants Walk

The Deli Press is owned by Justin Holt, owner of Southern Ale House. The two restaurants are next-door neighbors as they are across the street from one another. Inspired by the nostalgia of print newspapers, the Deli Press believes that “every sandwich has a story.” The menu offers a wide array of sandwiches including cheddar jalapeno sausage and turkey brie. All sandwiches come with a side, and fortunately, The Deli Press features several house-made options! Guests can choose from cajun potato salad, white cheddar mac-n-cheese, and more.

(Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint Birmingham/Facebook)

Jack Brown’s

401 23rd Avenue

With over 15 locations, Jack Brown’s is not new to the Southeast region, but it is a new fan favorite for Tuscaloosa foodies. Jack Brown’s brings a fun burger experience with their unique flavor combinations such as the Cobra Kai which features cream cheese, pickled jalapenos, and jalapeno jelly. The menu also features daily specials with six unique burgers Sunday through Friday and the Freestyle burger on Saturday, which offers a different mix of toppings each week. In addition to their burgers, the location also features hundreds of different beers. Guests of age are invited to become a “Notcher,” which entails drinking any 100 beers. If you’re not a fan of beer, you can finish your meal off with one of their famous fried Oreos.