Alyssa Hall, also known as Aly From Alabama, is sharing life in Alabama with her followers across the world. Aly has taken to social media to showcase her favorite Alabama pastimes. From hunting and trapping to fishing and noodling, Aly creates short-form content on socials and long-form content on YouTube for viewers to enjoy.

With videos reaching over half a million views on YouTube, viewers are fascinated by Aly’s adventures in the South. In one of her most popular videos, Aly can be seen catching an 85-pound catfish with her bare hands. She also brings viewers into the experience by explaining how-tos on cleaning and frying catfish.

Aly has garnered over one million followers and more than 13 million likes on her most popular platform, TikTok, through sharing her thrilling outdoor experiences. In a video that has amassed over 11 million views, Aly can be seen catching a massive blue catfish.

@alyfromalabama I had forgotten what it felt like to get bit by a blue because I’ve gotten spoiled by only catching flatheads lately. But @bamanoodling ♬ original sound – Alyssa Hall

Aly is also known for her deer hunting and hog trapping content. On her YouTube channel, viewers can find videos of her experiences deer hunting and trapping hogs. In a recent video, Aly goes into depth about her process and equipment used for trapping hogs. For avid hunters, Aly also provides videos such as a how-to instructional video for a DIY European skull mount.

Aly can be found across Buckmasters social media accounts giving viewers a look into her lifestyle. In a recent YouTube video on the Buckmasters channel, Aly answers top questions about noodling and offers advice to those interested in the sport.

Aside from fishing, noodling, hunting, and trapping, Aly shares her other adventures and travels throughout the country across platforms. A recent trip to Arizona provided viewers with videos of Aly’s family, including her adorable toddler, hiking through places with stunning views like Horseshoe Bend and Devil’s Bridge.


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