Three models posing wearing Danielle Dean the Label designs
To know Megan Dean is to be constantly inspired by her view of the world. A radiant beam of light, Megan brings vision into every aspect of her life. A true romantic. Her new brand, Danielle Dean the Label, carries this energy effortlessly. The essence of delicate attention is a throughline for the brand as the entirety of her collection is hand-dyed using sustainably sourced silk and hemp fabrics and attended to with the utmost care and discretion. Dean insists every aspect of the brand is thoughtfully expressed in a way that does not detract from the health of our environment.

Birmingham-based Designer Megan Dean

She recently showcased her newest collection with a fabulous intimate fashion show and launch brunch at beloved Birmingham restaurant Jinsei to roaring applause from friends, family, and industry insiders. In Megan’s own words, Danielle Dean the Label is “a luxury brand with an artisanal focus on well-crafted hemp-based clothing. We cultivate a spirit of adventure and keep social, environmental, and ethical issues at heart. We believe in protecting our natural world by changing the marketplace landscape with sustainable clothing. The Danielle Dean woman is high-spirited – she doesn’t chase fads, and she approaches fashion with a spontaneous yet distinct personality.”
Three women posed in designs by Danielle Dean the Label
So much of our community depends on creative and innovative minds for our progress, and Dean is a shining example. Born and raised in a small town outside of Dothan, Dean has a depth of understanding of the southern experience and the vital mechanism of connection within one’s community. Her latest personal project captures this forward momentum beautifully. She will be launching a podcast called Women Who Pivot featuring local women in business. Dean thrives within conversations such as these in which she can get to the heart of an individual’s creative expression. “I want to know them. I want to learn from them. These are their stories speaking on the pivotal moments and how success is grown from the unexpected.”
Women Who Pivot
After years of mastering her craft, perfecting her processes, and uplifting the creative community around her, Dean is poised to start expanding her reach in the coming years. With a recent invitation to be featured as the womenswear clothing retail pop-up for Seaside’s new pop-up district alongside many other exciting opportunities, Dean is on track to experience a highly successful future in fashion with a supportive community waiting in the wings to cheer her on.