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The year is 1939. It’s a sweltering day in mid-August, but you’re set on making the most of it. You’ve spent your whole life in the town of Tuscaloosa. It’s grown up around you as you’ve grown up within it. Each eager step sends you further down what will one day be known as University Boulevard, and you stop in to see your favorites at each of the small shops along the way.

You’ve spent mid-morning at Brown’s Department Store trying to dodge direct sunlight and the start of the lunch hour gazing dreamily at the new offerings at Lary & Waldrop’s. You think to yourself that surely one day your wife will get to drape herself in a piece or two from their collection.

(Dayton Hale/Contributed)

But today’s mission is clear. It’s off to Butler’s for a new pair of boots. Fall will be here soon and there are few things more important when trying to make a name for yourself than looking the part. You walk carefullly into the doorway, the word “Butlers” in dark contrast beneath your careful step.

Fast forward over 80 years, and the Butler’s Shoe Store building has taken on an entirely new life of its own. With an incredible location in downtown Tuscaloosa central to all of the city’s best restaurants, shops, and attractions, the loft above the Butler’s space has become a destination.

(Anna Kathryn Fitch/Contributed)

While Butler’s Shoe Store is now practically stuff of legend, visitors flocking to the University of Alabama, “where legends are made,” can find an exciting new way to experience their stay in Tuscaloosa during the season. The loft above the former Butler’s has been caringly renovated and turned into a 1920s art deco speakeasy-themed space called The Gatsby.

Pulling inspiration from the historic nature of the space and design cues from fanciful imaginings of the Prohibition Era, The Gatsby is a one-of-a-kind stay in Tuscaloosa and a must-visit for game day regulars.

(Anna Kathryn Fitch/Contributed)

The space features stunning large windows, exposed brick, and elegant 20s-inspired couches and lounges framed by gold accents. The space offers two bedrooms with king beds and two full bathrooms. The main living area includes a full dining setup and connects to a well-stocked kitchen. The kitchen area leads into a dining/game room. A personal favorite feature is the covered, screened-in porch overlooking Temerson Square. It makes for a great spot to unwind at night with its large TV and firepit.

The Gatsby perfectly preserves the charm of the historic space while offering every imaginable modern convenience and a prime location. Learn more about The Gatsby, see more photos of the space, and book your next stay here.