“That can’t be true,” a young girl from Cullman insists. The year is 1957 and her mother has just told her of the latest band of optimists that have come through the state en route to Blount County. The first few times she caught wind of this, she was sure she had misheard. This story, sure to be a local legend, had lived on through the years, but she wasn’t one to believe blindly. So she simply dismissed the claims.

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However, her curiosity got the best of her, and she prodded a family member who seemed fully convinced at the next family gathering. Her aunt, a life-long Cullman resident, explained that not only was the local spring beneficial for one’s health, but there are stories of the likes of Davy Crockett and Andrew Jackson using the spring as a sort of panacea for their ills, bathing in and drinking from the spring.

So she filed this information away until one day in her late 70s, she fell ill. She walked past an aisle in her local grocery store on the way to pick up her cough syrup and caught a quick glimpse of a label she didn’t remember seeing on the shelves before. But, of course, she wasn’t often ill, so she did not usually pass this side of the aisle. She stopped, turned, and placed herself in front of the bottles. The label read “Blue Spring Living Water.”

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She stood back, caught her weight, and paused. A now reformed optimist, she bought as many bottles as she could hold. With a bit of research, she found that the spring’s water contained many of the elements her doctors mentioned when looking to improve her health. Fast forward to the present day and Lynda exclusively drinks Blue Spring Living Water, refusing to allow other bottled waters to grace her lips.

Blue Spring, a natural spring in Blount County naturally formed hundreds of years ago, produces some of the state’s most nutritionally dense natural water. It has secured its reputation as one of a small number of springs in the country that can accurately say it is “bottled at the source.” Completely natural without processing or added elements, Blue Spring water boasts a “perfect pH balance.”

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The main minerals found in this water that offer its benefits are calcium, magnesium, and silica. Both calcium and magnesium are linked to bone health. Magnesium itself is known to improve calcium absorption in the bones and aid the activation of Vitamin D in other parts of the body. An increase in magnesium and calcium can help prevent osteoporosis among other issues. Increased magnesium intake can also maintain and improve muscle function.

Silica is known to aid in the removal of toxic substances and improves the bioavailability of other minerals. Water containing silica can lessen the toxic properties of aluminum and can help improve skin, nail, and hair texture. Blue Spring Living Water undergoes regular water testing through two separate labs to ensure that this mineral content is preserved in each batch.