The University of Alabama continues to invest in a legacy of home-grown talent, providing youth programs beginning at the age of four. Parents can find information about all summer programs offered on the Youth Programs website, but we’ve provided a list of highlights below:

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1. Summer Reading Program – USA Today just reported that “Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi have grabbed the attention of educators nationally by showing rapid progress in early literacy is possible anywhere, even in areas that have struggled for decades with poverty and dismal literacy rates.” The UA Reading Clinic is supporting literacy growth in Alabama year-round. Specifically in the summer program, youth entering grades kindergarten through sixth are given a free opportunity to learn from “UA faculty with Ph.D.s in literacy education who are working toward dyslexia therapist certification and UA students trained to use the S.P.I.R.E. curriculum.”

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2. BLAST Academy – Building Leaders through the Arts, STEAM and Teamwork is a four-week summer learning and enrichment program developed and administered by The University of Alabama’s Division of Community Affairs and College of Education on The University of Alabama campus. The program’s objectives are to enhance student’s academic learning, physical well-being and to promote social, emotional and life skill development. Divided into various age groups ranging from 5-14 years old, students are able to participate in daily arts education, physical education, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education courses and even social emotional learning. BLAST Academy is pouring into Alabama youth advanced academic learning and the human skills needed for a successful future.

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3. Minerva Young Women’s Business Summer Program – Available for rising female high school seniors, sessions with Culverhouse College of Business faculty and staff build on the University’s Diversity in Business Bridge Program. Minerva is designed to introduce young women to the college experience and business career opportunities. During the week, students will participate in informative sessions with Culverhouse College of Business faculty and staff, learn about career opportunities in business, build leadership and communication skills, complete a service project and take field trips for experiential learning. Additionally, students will experience campus life and connect with like-minded women interested in business.

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