Our team recently had the opportunity to sit down with “home-grown” students from The University of Alabama to learn more about their thoughts on staying in-state for college. These aspiring teenagers chose to stay within the lines of the Yellowhammer state because of the exceptional education and opportunities given to those who already call Alabama home.

Capstone Men & Women President, Preston McGee, and Capstone Men & Women Member, Mary Caton Davidson, reflect on their eye-opening experience at the University below.


SoulGrown: What opportunities do you have to learn about different cultures outside of the state at the University of Alabama?

Mary Caton: At UA there are so many opportunities to study abroad in different countries where you can experience the culture on a deeper level. I’m super excited to get to travel to Guatemala on a ‘Volunteer’s Around the World’ trip for a medical outreach program.

Preston McGee: One of my favorite memories so far at UA was getting to go to Washington D.C. and network with other college students from all over the nation.

SG: How has your worldview grown since becoming a student at UA?

(The University of Alabama/Contributed)

PM: With things such as Capstone International and the Intercultural Diversity Center I’ve been able to meet and get breakfast or coffee with students from all over the world who have all kinds of different cultural backgrounds. We believe that every student has a seat at the table as we are all striving for excellence.

MC: Since coming here I’ve gotten to meet people from all over which has helped me broaden my perspective on life in general and learn about the different ideas people have. It’s been a wonderful experience to learn and grow from each other.

SG: UA is obviously a large university, what’s the best part about the different areas of interest you have access to as a student?

MC: You can branch out and try all different divisions of yourself. Even through your major or your different hobbies you can find yourself and find your people here.

PM: One thing I always love to tell people about UA is that you can always make a large campus feel small, but you can never make a small campus feel big. Because of all the different events or groups to be a part of on campus, I’ve always been able to find a place where I can be myself. I’m grateful for all the people I’ve met whether it be out on the Quad or in the classroom.

Watch the full video of our interview with Preston and Mary Caton here.

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