Last month, a new experience opened on Lake Tuscaloosa. The vision of renowned photographer and entrepreneur Miller Mobley and his development partners Andy Turner and Kenny Short, and the dedicated teams of Mobley & Partners, Pfeffer Torode, Elite Building, and Poole and Company, Captain’s Club is bringing a new, exclusive lake experience to the Tuscaloosa area.

Located within the NorthRiver Yacht Club at the southernmost point of Lake Tuscaloosa, Captain’s Club is on a mission to redefine the essence of a distinguished marina. A beautifully landscaped space, Captain’s Club features a historic 1840s dogtrot cabin known as Captain’s Cabin, state-of-the-art wood docks and fueling dock, and a lakeside market accessible by land and lake. 

(Miller Mobley/Contributed)

While locals love the fresh energy brought to the area by Captain’s Club, one feature is truly capturing the hearts of locals: the Captain’s Club Market. Mobley & Partners Design Director and interior designer Jeremy D. Clark gives us insight into what makes this project so unique.

“The inspiration behind the store was markets along the East Coast, whether that be in Newport or in the Hamptons, or any of the time-worn beach towns. It’s very no-frills—extremely approachable, warm, and friendly, and layered with nostalgia… The biggest thread that we explored was that nothing ought to feel too precious or too new.”

(Miller Mobley/Contributed)

As Clark walks us through the vision for the space he speaks to the fact that everything came together in a very authentic way with the support and involvement of the local community top of mind. 

 “There are many handmade elements—from the floor that was hand striped by a sign painter who’s local to Alabama to the shades that are hand thrown from a ceramic material. We sourced local antique tables from the Potager in Tuscaloosa. Everything is a love letter to the handmade.”

(Miller Mobley/Contributed)

The space is open to the public and visitors are encouraged to come and enjoy wine and provisions. The market offers an impressive wine selection curated by developer Andy Turner alongside various sommeliers. All of the items are thoughtfully and intentionally selected and include beverages, an array of snacks, meats and cheeses, pantry staples, household items, boat supplies, and exclusive Captain’s Club merchandise. 

It is the strong connection to the area shared by both Mobley and Turner that has provided a deep layer of authenticity and contributed to the project’s early success.

Mobley, born and raised in Tuscaloosa, and Turner, a North River resident, saw the opportunity to provide something for the community that had not been available to them in the past. “In a way, they sought to elevate their own backyard,” shares Clark. 

(Miller Mobley/Contributed)

Captain’s Club is community-driven—offering memorable experiences to locals and visitors through easy access to boats and boat slips, kayaks, and paddle boards, as well as everything needed for a perfect day on the lake. 

“We hope it becomes integral to the community and for Captain’s Club to be a treasure for everyone to enjoy—in the vein and on the pulse of what’s happening in the community.”