Mary Glenn McElveen is an Alabama-based stylist and wardrobe consultant with an inspiring vision. With an impressive follower count exceeding 70,000, Mary Glenn is on a mission to make her wildest dreams a reality. A recent collaboration with a major national brand marks the expansion of her reach as a well-respected player in the styling space.

The collection, live on Dillard’s website as of this week, is a collaboration between M.G. Style and Antonio Melani. Mary Glenn shared her excitement in an announcement post earlier this year:

(Styled by MG/Facebook)

“M.G. Style x Antonio Melani is coming to Dillard’s stores in April 2024. I’ve been working on this collection for the past seven months and to finally be able to share it with you has me feeling all the feels. Excited. Nervous. Dreamlike. It’s hard to put into words. We are still a few months away so I don’t want to give too much away but you can expect to see clothing, swim, and shoes all inspired by the elements of summer.
Looking forward to sharing more of the process…I hope you guys will love it as much as I do.”

With the launch of the collection, her followers can now shop Mary Glenn’s curated collection of summer-inspired pieces including her namesake dress:

“I saved the best for last. The MG dress is a recreation of a dress some of you have already seen me wear before…the OG followers at least. I had a custom dress made for a friends wedding a few years ago and the dress I wore was this dress but in pink ombré. The neckline was designed to mimic my wedding dress as it is a silhouette I have always admired. And the ombré was inspired by a scarf I found in a clients closet while doing a closet edit.

(Styled by MG/Facebook)

“After wearing this dress I don’t think I had ever received so many compliments on a dress and still do this day get messages on instagram asking if I would ever sell it (answer is so still no, sorry). At the time that I wore the dress I feel like I didn’t see ombré much but with it being so popular now I knew I had to bring this dress into the collection but in a new color and more casual fabric. So now all of you can finally have one of your own in just a couple of days!”

It is clear that, through this collection, Mary Glenn’s talent for creating effortless looks and simple, yet striking silhouettes is inherent. The curation of this collection and the promising position it places her in within the industry can be considered a success for both Mary Glenn and the followers who have been a part of her journey.