Beauty is a highly subjective concept that is constantly being reshaped and reworked over time. With certain beauty standards and ideals seeming to find themselves in nearly all aspects of modern society, many have tired and shifted their focus away from rigid concepts of what makes one beautiful, instead opting for a focus on inner beauty and how one feels versus how one is perceived.

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This shift has encouraged a dissection of beauty and its tenants as well as its tools. In the wake of recent conversation around sustainability and the reality behind what one is regularly consuming and using, several beauty enthusiasts have chosen to take a hard look at the products they purchase. Stunning realizations have been made in many communities around what the beauty products one purchases actually contain.

After sitting with ingredient lists and doing some research, many have found that not only have they been persuaded to buy certain products in an effort to align with the current beauty standard, but the products they have purchased often contain ingredients that are not naturally derived and have potentially harmful effects when used long-term.

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The community that emerged from this confluence values clean, naturally derived products above all. Primarily concerned with skincare, makeup, and body products, those who are supporters of clean beauty strive to ensure that all of the products that interact with their skin not only lack potentially harmful or unnecessary ingredients but offer a range of benefits. Those in the clean beauty community are strong supporters of conscious consumption and intentional shopping.

One of many lovers of the concept behind clean beauty, Mary Frances Dale observed that she and others had a strong interest in switching over to clean beauty products, but realized that Alabama suffered from a distinct lack of clean beauty shops. With a mission and a vision, she set out to create a shop that could not only stock these products but could act as a place for interested shoppers to test out and learn about the benefits of clean beauty.

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With the creation of Verde Lusso Clean Beauty, she achieved just that. In her early days she offered a curated box of some of the top clean beauty products as well as a Verde Lusso branded rose quartz gua sha. Over time, her inventory grew to include dozens of brands and products, and she opened her first storefront in Birmingham at MAKEbhm.

The storefront is beautifully designed with a minimal, but warm atmosphere. Mary Frances encourages shoppers to stop by and chat to not only learn more about the products but to get insight into why the transition to clean beauty can be important in improving overall health. With a dedicated group of repeat clients from all over the country, Verde Lusso has established itself as the go-to clean beauty destination in Alabama.