Across Alabama, temperatures are rising and thousands are feeling the pull of late spring into early summer. This transition provides the perfect time to visit Alabama’s botanical gardens. While there are gardens and arboretums across Alabama, we have selected one for each region that is sure to impress.


North Alabama

Huntsville Botanical Garden

(Huntsville Botanical Garden/Facebook)

Huntsville Botanical Garden, located on Bob Wallace Avenue, is a must-visit for locals. The garden offers visitors hours of leisurely escape walking amongst a range of native plant species of great variety. Often found topping the list of Alabama’s botanical gardens, every turn at the Huntsville Botanical Garden produces views that are positively picturesque.

“Spanning 118 acres, the Garden presents a rich tapestry of diverse ecosystems—from tranquil grassy meadows and shaded woodland paths to vibrant aquatic habitats and breathtaking floral collections. Each corner of the Garden is designed to invite guests of all ages to embark on a journey of discovery, encouraging exploration and connection with the natural environment around us,” shares Huntsville Botanical Garden.

The garden offers a range of opportunities for interested visitors such as the Bush Azalea Trail, Cedar Glade, Damson Aquatic Garden, Lewis Birding Trail, Dogwood Trail, Fern Glade, Four Seasons Garden, and the Anderson Education Center among other features.


Central Alabama

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

(Birmingham Botanical Gardens/Facebook)

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are considered a home away from home for many local Birminghamians. With a beautiful range of plants to admire and interesting walkways and waterways to explore, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens make for the perfect mid-day escape. For those ready to step away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there is no better destination.

“A cherished place of respite and inspiration since 1962, Birmingham Botanical Gardens promotes a passion for plants, gardens, and the natural world. Located in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama—in one of the most biodiverse areas in the United States—this urban oasis encompasses 67 acres featuring more than two dozen garden spaces that reflect the region’s rich and varied terrain and showcase the many plants that thrive in Southern gardens,” shares the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

The gardens are home to many beautiful features such as the Japanese Garden, Forman Garden, Kaul Wildflower Garden, Southern Living Garden, Bruno Vegetable Garden, Jemison Daylily Garden, Hess Camellia Garden, the Conservatory, and more.


South Alabama

Mobile Botanical Gardens

(Mobile Botanical Gardens/Facebook)

The Mobile Botanical Gardens are uniquely situated near the Alabama coast allowing visitors to experience a variety of plants and wildlife scarcely found in other areas of the state. A beautiful outdoor space with many unique features, the Mobile Botanical Gardens provide an enviable escape to locals and tourists alike.

The Gardens encourages visitors to, “Enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature, see in one place the largest collection of plants on the Gulf Coast, and learn about the diversity of our local plant and wildlife.”

The Mobile Botanical Gardens are home to ReBloom Garden, McConnell Rhododendron & Azalea Garden, Aromi Azalea Garden, Japanese Maple Garden, Burnette Herb Garden, and the Longleaf Conservation Forest which spans 35 acres among other areas.