The commencement of this year’s turkey hunting season is on the horizon for the state of Alabama. There are many that view this as some of the best in outdoor recreation, particularly in the Black Belt region. This Alabama Black Belt hosts some of the most profitable hunting in the nation. Additionally, when it comes to turkey, Alabama hunters get to enjoy the benefits of a longer hunting season than you would find elsewhere.

(Ellis Terry/Contributed)

There are several things that make turkey hunting unique in comparison to other types of hunting. When I asked avid hunter and SoulGrown founder Ellis Terry what makes turkey hunting special he said, “Mike Pentecost of Woodhaven Custom calls turkey hunting, ‘a gentleman’s chess game.’ I’ve always thought that was a great description because there is so much strategy and experience needed to make you successful as a turkey hunter.” The interaction that you get with the turkey is unlike any other hunting experience. In other hunts, you try to go undetected, but on a turkey hunt, you need to interact with the turkey. Terry added, “When you hear that thunderous gobble something happens to you! You need to try and judge how far the turkey is away and have to practice fine-tuning your calling skills to get the turkey within shooting range. It’s a great challenge!”

Additionally, turkey hunting is seemingly superior because of the cool and comfortable days that you get to spend outdoors. A Black Belt resident and outdoorsman, Hunter Hamrick remarked, “It’s cool to see the woods literally wake up while turkey hunting!” This is something Terry mentioned as well, noting, “You get out there [to hunt] in the morning when it’s dark and truly get to experience seeing the woods come alive showcasing the beauty of Alabama in the Spring.”

Indeed, turkey hunting has a beautiful setting in the Alabama Black Belt region. The countryside boasts some of the most stunning landscapes that you’ll find anywhere, and the uniqueness of the flat typography offers alluring, long views for a hunt. These noteworthy plains and prairies offer a vantage point that is clear, and therefore it is said to be easier to produce a successful hunt.


The Black Belt has long been known, and named, for its dark and fertile soil. This creates a great habitat for a bounty of wildlife. “Alabama and the Black Belt region in particular have some of the most diversity in species across the earth. The Black Belt is such a game-rich environment and offers a great number of outdoor recreation opportunities,” added Hamrick.

Prepare yourselves for the excitement and the hair-raising sound of the gobble for those who adventure in the Alabama Black Belt this Spring for turkey season.

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