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3 beautiful places to golf in North Alabama

2022-09-22T08:35:38-05:00By |News, Outdoors, Sports, Travel|

North Alabama’s golfing community is one of vibrance and variety. With such a beautiful landscape serving as the backdrop to these greens, it can be easy to get lost in the environment and shank your shot for par into the majestic forests in the distance. When the time comes to set a tee-time this summer, here are a few North Alabama courses to take a swing at.

Celebrate the legendary soul singer Percy Sledge at Leighton, Alabama’s Sledgefest

2022-07-19T16:44:47-05:00By |Culture|

Hosted in Leighton, Alabama, at the crossroads of Old Highway 20 and County Line Road, Sledgefest celebrates the legacy of Percy Sledge, a legendary soul singer. The event is an all day commemoration of the historic city and culture that permeates throughout. A city of less than 1,000 citizens, Leighton is known for being the hometown of a plethora of notable superstars—NBA players Leon and John Douglas, as well as NFL Hall of Famer Ozzie Newsome. In the world of music, Leighton’s call to fame can be heard through the voice of Jimmy Hughes—a prominent vocal talent during the mid-century boom of rhythm & blues—and his cousin Percy Sledge. 

A realtor’s perspective on what’s causing the “Fairhope Fever”

2022-06-28T18:00:17-05:00By |Living|

Hidden between the frosty-white beaches of the Gulf and the anchorage of the USS Alabama, there is Fairhope. A nested gem of a time since passed, Fairhope serves as a haven of leisure that calls to annual vacationers again and again. So, what is it about this majestic small city that beckons so loudly? April McCraney, a real estate agent in the area, knows first the power of ‘Fairhope Fever,’ and why it’s increasingly vital to ensure the town's longevity. 

Willow Homes offers tips for home makeovers

2022-06-05T10:18:18-05:00By |Living|

To design is to evolve. This is the creed of Willow Homes designer, Allison Hallman. The Birmingham homebuilding and design company boasts eight years of Alabama Remodeling Excellence Awards selection and serves as a holistic service provider in the realm of crafting, construction, and curating a home. But, it can be a heavy emotional undertaking to tear away the space you know for the idea of something unseen. If you’re in the market to reshape your domain, here are some valuable tips on how to evolve with ease and style. 

3 amazing scenic drives to take in Alabama

2022-05-18T14:03:46-05:00By |Travel|

The open road: a temptress that calls to every soul eager to explore. In Alabama, few things top a summer drive through the countryside. Dense forest highways spill into a coastline of creamy white sands. When the moment calls and the horizon beckons, adventure can be found on one of these scenic routes along the Yellowhammer State.

Black Kids Adventures connects families interested in outdoor recreation

2022-05-11T08:38:12-05:00By |Outdoors|

Zenovia Stephens sits beside a campfire with her family and participants of Black Kids Adventure’s summer event, Family Adventure Camp. They prepare to rest their heads after day-one of their three-day weekend at Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, Alabama. Just over the canopy of oak and maple, stars dazzle in the Alabama night. Without service to wireless devices, the campers are vulnerable to each other’s presence. Some, for the first time in such an isolated outdoor setting. Others are familiar with the trek of exploration and welcome the new faces with welcoming smiles and humorous stories through the crackling, wooded blaze. It’s what Stephens says her organization is all about: connection, community, and family—outdoors. 

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