December 4, 2021

SoulGrown’s handpicked Alabama-made gift guide

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There’s always good reason to shop small, but especially this year—in the midst of labor shortages and shipping delays—it’s an even better time to support your favorite local businesses. In Alabama, there are countless makers and artisans selling handmade items and handcrafted wares that make for meaningful gifts.

We sat down and thought about what local gifts we love to give and receive. It was hard to narrow it down to just a few, but here are our favorite Alabama-made products, handpicked by the staff and contributors of SoulGrown.

(Piper and Leaf Tea Co./Facebook)

Piper & Leaf Tea of the Month Subscription

“Is there anything better than a gift that keeps on giving?  The variety is great and I love the idea that each month a new package appears reminding they recipient they are loved.”

-Allison Ross, owner

(Kelly Steffey and Hamilton Trimm/Contributed)

Mila Clarity Oil

“I’m obsessed with this fresh-pressed botanical facial oil. A majority of the ingredients are grown on a sustainable farm in Trussville and pressed in house. It makes your skin so glowy and hydrated. Plus, the packaging makes a gorgeous gift.”

-Julia Sayers Gokhale, editor

(Liesa Cole/Contributed)

Zkano Socks

“I know, the ‘socks for Christmas’ trope is real, but a pair of these will actually make you excited for some footwear. I’ve been wearing a pair of Zkanos since 2014 and love them just as much now. There are some beautiful new designs ready for anyone on the gift list.”

-Elisabeth Chramer, news anchor for Yellowhammer News Network

(T’s Great Salsa/Facebook)

T’s Great Salsa

“I love so many Alabama-made products, but my favorite has to be T’s Great Salsa. Not only is it made in the same area I grew up in (Warrior), but the salsa is absolutely delicious. I prefer the hot, but they also offer mild and medium. It’s a must-try for salsa lovers that lives up to its name.”
-Trent Baker, managing editor

(S.A. Maples Art/Facebook)

Artwork from Alabama Artists

“I love giving (and receiving!) a gift of Alabama-made original art. I have a piece from Mandy Maples Art. She’s an incredible, local artist who was highlighted at the Art Shopping exhibition at Le Carrousel du Louvre, in Paris, France.”
-Courtney Hancock, director of creative services

(Yellowhammer Creative/Facebook)

Yellowhammer Creative Apparel

“For your loved one living outside of Alabama, Yellowhammer Creative ‘gets’ Alabama. Modern and throwback styles bring out the joy of representing locations, brands, and sports teams from all across the state. Handprinted in Birmingham, these apparel, prints, and goods are nostalgia and craftsmanship ready for the giving.”
-Elisabeth Chramer

(Blind Dog Biscuit/Facebook)

Blind Dog Biscuit

“My dog Louie loves the homemade dog treats by Blind Dog Biscuit. They’re organic and all-natural so I don’t have to worry about weird fillers. We normally buy them at Pepper Place Market. Louie’s favorite are the Bee Ham (ham and honey) biscuits—and how cute is the name?”

-Julia Sayers Gokhale

(Stack Candles/Facebook)

Stack Candles

“I was gifted a Stack candle years ago and instantly appreciated the quality packaging, high-end aroma, and beautiful brand story. Hand-poured in Alabama, the soy-wax blend features quality essential oils for gentle, non-irritating scents. Additionally, you can pair with luxury detergents and room sprays. Personal scent recommendation: Cashmere.”

-Elisabeth Chramer

(Bonnybee Designs/Facebook)

Bonnybee Designs

“I’m in love with Bonnie’s modern take on boho-inspired designs—in both her macrame work and her polymer clay earrings. The earrings are so light and easy to wear. And since all her macrame pieces are one-of-a-kind, you’ll never have to worry about repeat gifts!”

-Tara Massouleh McCay, writer

(Murder Point Oyster Company/Facebook)

Murder Point Oysters

I love Alabama’s premium oysters, served fresh-shucked on the half-shell. Murder Point Oysters, a farm near Bayou LaBatre, ships 50-shell sacks of just-harvested bivalves with next-day delivery. They’re perfect for a Christmas celebration with family; just leave some for Santa.

-Eric Velasco, writer

(Red Land Cotton/Facebook)

Red Land Cotton Blanket

“Cozying up with a Red Land Cotton Blanket is the best gift you can give this winter. These gorgeous blankets are made with 100 percent cotton from a family farm near the Bankhead Forest.”

-Courtney Hancock

(George Jones Jr/Facebook)

George’s Broom Closet

“I know what you’re thinking, ‘Why would I give a broom for a gift?’ But these gorgeous brooms are handmade by a fourth-generation Florence broom maker. The ones tied with rainbow string are super fun, and I especially love the twisted wooden handles on others. You can special order custom-made brooms as well.”

-Julia Sayers Gokhale

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