Local artist showcases collection on the history of Birmingham rock ‘n’ roll

Craig Underwood, better known as Craig Legg, grew up listening to rock ‘n’ roll in Homewood in the 1960s. More than five decades later, he’s paying tribute to his favorite bands and artists with an art show all about Birmingham’s rock ‘n’ roll history. The multidisciplinary artist is well-known as a spoken word artist in Birmingham, but about 10 years ago, Legg says he got bored of writing and decided to take on a new pursuit—painting. Since then, Legg has been creating and showing his unique style of neo-realistic paintings across the Magic City. 

By |March 4, 2023|

6 questions with Birmingham artist Kyle Rodgers

Politics and art don’t typically go hand in hand, but for Birmingham-based artist Kyle Rodgers, the two will forever be intertwined. The Charleston native discovered a passion for art during a decades-long career as a lobbyist where he traveled up to 300 days a year. During long and lonely business trips, he created constantly. Using an iPad app, he interpreted everything he saw, from people dining at coffee shops to folks waiting at airport terminals. He quickly found faces to be his forte and spent hours painting blues and jazz musicians, cowboys, and Native Americans. Though he certainly has his favorite subjects, Rodgers will paint just about anything that comes to his mind—and on any surface that he can get. During the pandemic, he painted an entire series of magazine covers on brown paper Trader Joe’s bags. “I just have to create,” he says. “If I’m out jogging, and I hear a song, I’m painting the song in my head.” Though Rodgers still works as the vice president of external affairs for Spire, he paints any chance he gets and is excited to get more of his work out in the world. 

By |January 8, 2023|

6 Questions with Anne Forschler-Tarrasch of the Birmingham Museum of Art

With more than 27,000 paintings, prints, drawings, and decorative arts pieces dating from ancient to modern times, the Birmingham Museum of Art is a big source of pride for the Magic City. Since opening in 1951, the free art museum has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors to view and engage with art through galleries, exhibitions, and special events. We sat down with the museum’s Director of Collections and Exhibitions, Anne Forschler-Tarrasch, to learn more about how the museum functions and what to expect when visiting. 

By |November 30, 2022|

Wetumpka Wildlife Arts Festival Artist Series: Chef Chris Hastings

Chef Chris Hastings needs no introduction. A James Beard Award winner who beat Bobby Flay on Food Network in the Iron Chef America competition is a highly recognizable name both in and out of the South. As a well-known chef, he’s also no stranger to the creative world. From the novel approach he takes in his kitchens to the delectable dishes he consistently churns out, it’s easy to see he values the process of innovation when it comes to cuisine. This ability to intertwine the need for originality while also utilizing simple foods that tend to reflect the community from which they are harvested truly makes him a gifted craftsman.

By |November 4, 2022|

Wetumpka Wildlife Arts Festival Artist Highlight: Wildrose International

Owners of the well-respected and incomparable Wildrose International, it’s hard to imagine how Mike and Cathy Stewart find time to sleep at night. Kennels, trainings, events and seminars, videos, a trading company and collaborations with partners like Purina, Ducks Unlimited and Orvis prove the couple’s commitment to their craft [...]

By |October 29, 2022|
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