Wetumpka Wildlife Arts Festival Artist Series: Sue Key

When it comes to creating bucolic art scenes of flora, fauna and field sporting traditions, Sue Key enjoys taking time to celebrate: animals, the outdoors, traditions, values and, of course, community. Surrounding herself with a community of people who make or appreciate art means a great deal to the Southern artist. “Those family values are so important, creating memories and bonds and lifestyles that can be shared with friends, draw families together, last for generations, and be passed down to grandchildren,” she explains.

By |September 15, 2022|

Make Montgomery Home: 3 unexpected reasons people are moving to Montgomery

Revitalization of historic Montgomery is well underway through the addition of fine-dining restaurants, nationally recognized museum and memorials, modern housing developments, and so much more. As the capital city, Montgomery is truly the heart of “the soul of the south.” Here are three reasons why people are making the move to Montgomery and why you should consider making Montgomery home too.

By |September 12, 2022|

New community space combines a sculpture garden with restaurants and a bar

When Elysian Gardens opens in Avondale this fall, it will be the culmination of a 10-year dream for Birmingham’s William Colburn. The idea to open a garden center or sculpture park had been swirling in the professional metal sculptor’s mind for several years when he connected with Lucy and Jimmy Buffet in Fairhope, where he formerly lived.

By |September 6, 2022|
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