Fairhope’s Hope Farm expands offerings with new dining option, The Barn

When it comes to farm-to-table dining, there’s no better place to experience it than Hope Farm in Fairhope. At Hope Farm, much of the food served on your dinner plate was grown right outside the doors of the restaurant. And now, with Hope’s newest endeavor, The Barn, a breakfast and lunch bistro and event space, there’s even more farm-fresh flavor to be enjoyed. 

By |March 9, 2023|

Circles of Colors is a you-pick flower farm for the community

For Kloss, Circles of Colors is a lifelong passion turned accidental business turned everyday blessing. Circles of Colors, a you-pick flower farm in Notasulga, Alabama, sits on an old working farm with barns, silos, and a country store straight from the good ole days. Left behind tractor tires cover the back fields and make the perfect barrier for Kloss's secret garden.

By |March 2, 2023|

The Birmingham-based designer redefining casual luxury

Danielle Dean the Label is “a luxury brand with an artisanal focus on well-crafted hemp-based clothing. We cultivate a spirit of adventure and keep social, environmental, and ethical issues at heart. We believe in protecting our natural world by changing the marketplace landscape with sustainable clothing. The Danielle Dean woman is high-spirited - she doesn’t chase fads, and she approaches fashion with a spontaneous yet distinct personality.”

By |March 1, 2023|

Adios Bar in Birmingham celebrates the owners’ Mexican heritage

When Jose Medina Camacho was growing up, the last thing he wanted to do was work in the hospitality industry. After immigrating from Michoacán, Mexico with his mother and brother at the age of 3, he spent many of his adolescent years working in his uncles’ restaurants in Tuscaloosa, Jasper, and beyond. “My grandfather was a dishwasher at the restaurant,” he says. “All my uncles were cooks. It was kind of like a family affair.”

By |December 26, 2022|

Batter Together: Recipe for Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies

Baking cookies is an integral part of the holiday season, don’t you think? Cookies for Santa, cookie swap parties, cookie boxes for neighbors and friends; the list of reasons to bake cookies during the holidays goes on and on. I, personally, reach for cookie recipes no matter what season it is, simply because I love to bake cookies. Like most human beings, I too have swooned, drooled, and marveled over the chewy, sometimes gooey, flavorful bliss of a cookie fresh from the oven, but in all honesty, it’s the simple, familiar, and comforting process of baking cookies that really does it for me. Baking cookies, particularly during the holiday season, is comfort in its purest form; and I believe it’s a comfort we should share. 

By |December 23, 2022|
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