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Tara Massouleh McCay is a writer and editor based in Birmingham, Alabama. She was previously associate editor at Birmingham magazine and has been contributing to local and regional publications since 2015. She loves sports, spicy food, and above all the art of storytelling.

How to spend a weekend in Gadsden

2023-03-29T18:38:14-05:00By |Travel|

Recently, North Alabama has been stepping up its game. Flourishing downtowns, burgeoning local businesses, and vibrant food scenes make this region worthy to be explored. If you haven’t been to the area lately, or if you’re unfamiliar with North Alabama, it’s time to get acquainted. We recommend starting with Gadsden. Located along the Coosa River between Birmingham and Chattanooga, this town of a little over 33,000 has so much to offer. From gorgeous natural water features to a charming main street, here’s how to spend a weekend in Gadsden. 

Ladybird Taco brings Texas breakfast tacos to Alabama

2023-03-11T14:01:15-06:00By |Food & Drink|

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and when it comes to breakfast, that certainly seems to be the case. Morning meals in the Lone Star State are all about supersized cinnamon rolls, hearty Southern classics like biscuits and gravy, and above all, the breakfast taco. The concept is simple, but delicious—and thanks to Ladybird Taco, it has finally made its way east to the Birmingham. 

6 places to get a great mocktail in Alabama

2023-03-04T12:22:31-06:00By |Food & Drink|

Though it might have begun as Dry January, the trend of nonalcoholic cocktails has been getting more buzz (pun intended) throughout the last couple of years. Whether you’re looking to cut back on your regular alcohol intake, want to start a new habit, or just aren’t in the mood to drink, a mocktail can be a delicious alternative during a dinner out or night on the town. In recent years, craft cocktails bars across the state have caught onto the spirit-free movement and now offer several options—and sometimes entire menus—of nonalcoholic cocktails. So if you want to imbibe guilt-free and without the threat of feeling less than stellar the next day, here are six places to get a great mocktail in Alabama. 

Fairhope’s Hope Farm expands offerings with new dining option, The Barn

2023-05-30T14:12:33-05:00By |Food & Drink|

When it comes to farm-to-table dining, there’s no better place to experience it than Hope Farm in Fairhope. At Hope Farm, much of the food served on your dinner plate was grown right outside the doors of the restaurant. And now, with Hope’s newest endeavor, The Barn, a breakfast and lunch bistro and event space, there’s even more farm-fresh flavor to be enjoyed. 

Local artist showcases collection on the history of Birmingham rock ‘n’ roll

2023-03-02T14:03:35-06:00By |Art, Culture|

Craig Underwood, better known as Craig Legg, grew up listening to rock ‘n’ roll in Homewood in the 1960s. More than five decades later, he’s paying tribute to his favorite bands and artists with an art show all about Birmingham’s rock ‘n’ roll history. The multidisciplinary artist is well-known as a spoken word artist in Birmingham, but about 10 years ago, Legg says he got bored of writing and decided to take on a new pursuit—painting. Since then, Legg has been creating and showing his unique style of neo-realistic paintings across the Magic City. 

Two Alabama bars team up for Black History Month cocktail pop-up event

2023-02-23T17:54:23-06:00By |Food & Drink|

With Black History Month drawing to a close, two Alabama bars are partnering to celebrate the contributions Black bartenders have made to the art of mixology throughout history. On Sunday, February 26 from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., one of Birmingham’s newest cocktail bars, Continental Drift, will host a pop-up event in collaboration with Session Cocktails of Tuscaloosa. The event will feature a menu of five limited-edition cocktails, three inspired by Black mixologists from the past and another two created by mixologists Eric Bennett of Continental Drift and Qadeem Hassan of Session Cocktails. 

Veganish Market brings plant-based cuisine to Tuscaloosa

2023-02-18T13:01:31-06:00By |Food & Drink|

Head down University Boulevard in Tuscaloosa and you’ll find all the familiar Southern college town staples. There’s a brewpub, a barbecue joint, and a campus apparel shop selling just about any article of clothing you could want emblazoned with the University of Alabama’s elephant mascot. But as of August 2022, T-town’s also sporting a bit of West Coast flair. Yazmyn Rozier’s Veganish Market is a breath of fresh air for a stretch of downtown populated with dark bars and greasy late-night food joints. Let the window-hung pastel streamers and cheetah print table umbrellas beckon you inside a light and bright space that’s outfitted with palm print wallpaper, surfboard motifs, and rattan furniture. 

7 places in Alabama to put you in the Mardi Gras spirit

2023-02-18T12:40:26-06:00By |Culture, Food & Drink|

New Orleans may be considered the Mardi Gras capital of the world, but did you know that the first Mardi Gras celebration actually happened right here in Alabama? In 1703, French pioneers at Twenty-Seven Mile Bluff, the first settlement of Mobile, threw the first official Carnival celebration. The Azalea City has been rocking and rolling with weeklong Mardi Gras celebrations ever since. If you can’t make it down for the parades and parties this year, don’t fret. Local businesses and restaurants all over the state let the good times roll all month long. Here are seven places in Alabama to visit when you’re ready for a little Cajun revelry. 

5 things you might not know about Barber Motorsports Park

2023-02-18T09:28:03-06:00By |Sports, Travel|

Every year thousands of visitors from all over the world come to Leeds, Alabama to visit Barber Motorsports Park and Museum. Over the past two decades (the park turned 20 in January), the attraction has drawn more than 3 million visitors to the state. If you’ve never been to this gem (it’s only a 20-minute drive from downtown Birmingham), we highly recommend adding it to the top of your Alabama bucket list. Car enthusiasts can check out the 16-turn racetrack. Motorcycle lovers will fawn over the massive two-wheel collection inside the museum. And even those who aren’t so interested in motorsports can enjoy the gorgeous grounds, gardens, and a surprising sculpture park. Here are five fun facts to know about Barber before you visit. 

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